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5 Easy Steps for International Students to Apply for Admission into UK Universities

By Esther Onyinyechi MarkA number of international students find the UK as a choice destination for their studies, be it undergraduate, Masters or PhD. Basically, UK universities offer a three-year undergraduate degree course, and a one year Masters degree while PhD goes for 3 years.If you fancy the UK as a choice destination for your studies, you would need to do...

Nigeria’s World-Class Universities by Pius Adesanmi

applying for admission
By Prof. Pius Adesanmi.To our Nigerian kids applying for Masters and Doctoral admission in Oyinbo Universities, an advice: stop opening your letters of intent with this statement: "I graduated from the world-class University of..."I see it all the time in your statements of intent. It's very irritating. You see, the people you are writing to/for here would rather have...

How to Apply for University of Oxford Graduate Admission

applying for admission
The university of Oxford, UK is one of the top schools in the UK and the world. Oxford Alumni's pride themselves as graduates of top elite schools in the world. To apply, you need to note various things.This is a guide to entry in 2017-18 and cannot be used to apply in subsequent years. Information on admissions for entry in...