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How to Apply for Admission into Canadian Universities as International Students

Canada is a choice destination for international students who want to advance their career by studying at top universities in the country. There are few things you must note before you begin the application process. There are so many reasons and advantages of studying in Canada and if you're confused on where to study, wonder no more. The advantages...

#LifeInCanada: Random Comparisons Between Studying in Canada and UK

apply canadian study permit
By Nkechi Bianze.Because I lived in the UK for years before moving to Canada; I can't help comparing these two great countries.The UK is better than Canada in many ways, and Canada is better than the UK in many ways.One thing I notice is that when it comes to services, I doubt any country in the world beats the...

Canada vs UK: Advantages of Canada

apply canadian study permit
By Nkechi Bianze.Canada is a nation of immigrants. The multicultural diversity is fascinating as well as breath-takingI didn't expect prolific differences between the UK and Canada, but I must confess there's been a non insignificant culture shock. When I arrived Canada for the first time at St. John's international airport, I was shocked that there were no long queues...