The CSIR South Africa Cambridge Scholarship is a fully funded PhD scholarship for South Africans to study any subject within the fields of Science and Technology as determined by the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research, South Africa, who are the partner sponsors.
Degree: PhD
Subject: Any subject within the fields of Science and Technology, as determined by CSIR.
Worth of Awards

  • University Composition Fee
  • College Fee
  • Annual stipend, sufficient for a single person

Eligibility and Conditions:

  • This scholarship is only available for citizens of South Africa
  • Applicants should be engaged in research projects at CSIR, and are likely to be required to hold a Masters degree from a recognised university
  • Successful candidates may be required to return to South Africa to work there for an agreed period following completion of their PhD.

Funding partners: Council for Scientific & Industrial Research, South Africa
How to Apply

  • Initial application must be made to the University of Cambridge via the normal Graduate Admission and Scholarship Application Form. See prospectus for details.
  • Make it clear in your personal statement in Section B of the GRADSAF how you believe you meet any specific criteria of the scholarship
  • In the section on ‘Personal funds’ that you have available, you should include significant income from all sources, including salaries, business profit, rents, dividends etc.
  • Scholarships are normally awarded to candidates selected first on financial need, and second on academic strength and potential

Deadline: December 2, 2011.
For more information about the scholarship, click here.
You can access the University graduate prospectus by clicking here.

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