Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO), the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) and the International Development Economics Associates (IDEAs) invites applications for the 2014 research scholarship which is awarded to social scientists from at from Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.
Program Details

  • The goal of these awards is to encourage original research on the subject and to promote the final work through presentation at an international seminar.
  • The aim of this research programme is to explore theoretical perspectives and undertake empirical analyses of work and welfare in the context of neoliberalism. While the freedom of movement of capital has been enhanced, new walls and constraints have been created for the laboring poor, and they become the borders for conflict zones, areas of vulnerability and exception. Racialization processes infuse subjectivities and new cartographies of power.
  • The goal here is to bring to the forefront the needs, expectations and histories of the countries and populations of the South through the development of studies and exchanges on the theme of “work and welfare in the South”, addressing any of the following sub-themes, which relate to problems that are common to the three continents:
  • 1. Migration and work
    2. Labour market discrimination
    3. Causes for jobless growth
    4. Employment Promotion Policies: Learning from Southern stories.
  • Research proposals should be based on at least one of the sub-themes mentioned within the general theme. Applicants are expected to formulate projects from a comparative perspective. These projects should not be restricted to one country or region, but they should involve the development of a comparative framework for conceptual and empirical research. Although this is not mandatory, research proposals that adjust to these criteria will receive special consideration during the selection process.

Worth of Award

  • Nine (9) scholarships will be awarded in total, three (3) for each region.

Each scholarship includes:

  • A monetary award of USD 10,000 (ten thousand dollars)
  • Air Ticket and accommodation to participate in an international seminar (date and venue will be decided in due course by the organizing institutions).
  • The scholarships will be paid in installments through bank transfers to the winners. The funds may be used without restriction for all activities related to research.
  • It shall be the responsibility of the winners to obtain the necessary legal documentation to participate in the international seminar as well as personal health insurance and other requirements.


  • This call is open for candidates from all disciplines of Social and Human Sciences, as well as for researchers from other sciences with projects related to the main theme of this year: “work and welfare in the South”.
  • Applicants must be experienced researchers who have a master´s or doctoral degree. It is a required condition to reside in any country in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa or Asia and to have the endorsement of CLASCO, CODESRIA or IDEAs, according to the region concerned.
  • Applicants must speak English so they can present the results of research in an international academic seminar.

How to Apply (read carefully)

  • Each researcher may only participate with one proposal in this award. Finished or collective researches won´t be accepted.

           Proposals should include:

  • A project defining the research problem and methodology (including the sources analyzed and a small schedule), considering the state of the art and showing the relevance of research in relation to one or more established subject areas.
  • An academic curriculum vitae with photo.
  • A letter of endorsement signed by the highest authority of the institution or center that supports the presentation.
  • As the Collaborative Tri-continental Program involves the participation of scholars from Africa, Asia and Latin America, it has been decided that applicants who are residents of Africa should submit their applications to CODESRIA, applicants residing in Asia should submit their applications to IDEAs and those in Latin America to CLACSO.
  • Asian applicants should send their applications electronically to: IDEAs – 2014 South-South Research Grants
    Email: [email protected]
  • African applicants should send their applications electronically using the subject “South-South Grants 2014” to: CODESRIA – 2014 South-South Research Grants. Please use the subject “south-south grants 2014” when sending your email.
    Email: [email protected]
  • Latin American and Caribbean applicants should manage electronically their applications:
    CLACSO – 2014 South-South Research Grants
    Email: [email protected]
  • Additional requirements may be specified by the regional institutions that organize the award based on their internal regulations.

Deadline: Application closes on June 12, 2014.
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