Applications are now being invited for the 2014 Africa Agribusiness competition in Kenya. The competition targets youth aged 18 – 30 years and has two parts: an essay (or Business Idea Competition) and video clips (or Agribusiness Messaging Competition).
Its objectives are to promote new business opportunities in crop value chains in Africa; raise awareness of opportunities in agriculture; identify wealth creation activities among communities in Africa and make agriculture “cool” for the youth.
Competition Details
The Business Idea Competition;This will focus on selected crop value chains. A crop value chain entails all the activities involved in crop production from farm to fork. These would include farm inputs, logistics, product processing, packaging, marketing and sales to the end consumer.
The contestants are required to select either one staple crop (Rice, Maize or Cassava) or one cash crop (Vegetables or Potatoes). The contestant needs to identify a bottleneck or problem that makes the particular crop’s value chain ineffective and/or inefficient. They must then propose a replicable, practical idea/solution that has the potential to make a step-change improvement in the chosen value chain.
The Agribusiness Messaging Competition; The contestants are required to develop a multimedia agricultural messaging that targets the youth. The messaging should have as its objective how to make agriculture “Cool” among African youth. Each contestant is required to submit a 3 minute video clip that promotes agriculture as a cool option for the youth to venture in. The liberty to design the clip format lies wholly with the contestant.
Worth of Award
Successful applicants will gain the following

  • Win cash awards
  • Showcase their “Agriculture Is Cool” ideas
  • Network with potential employers and access internship opportunities
  • Contribute ideas towards food security
  • Receive mentorship to grow your agribusiness idea
  • Enjoy fully paid recognition dinner (25 semi-finalists) in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Participate in the gala event in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (6 finalists).
  • Showcase your agribusiness idea to potential investors
  • Receive certified recognition and become a member of the Young Africa Agribusiness alumni
  • An opportunity to network
  • Have fun


  • All submissions must be in English language
  • African youth aged 18 to 30 Years
  • The idea MUST be original (no plagiarism)

How to Apply

  • One contestant, One Business Idea Competition, centered on One Crop Value Chain (For Business Idea Competition)
  • One contestant, One THREE MINUTE video clip entry (For The Agribusiness Messaging Competition)
  • One contestant, One THREE MINUTE video clip entry (For The Agribusiness Messaging Competition)
  • Group Submissions of teams of up to THREE Members is allowed. However, only one person is allowed to do the submissions while the other two are recognized as team members.
  • The idea must be sustainable. It must lead to the realization of increased crop yields whilst controlling the amount of waste; have a positive impact on the environment while embracing biodiversity; and genuinely having the potential to reduce poverty through both generating wealth in local communities and improving consumer health.

Deadline: Application closes on June 10, 2014
Click here to apply online.