The organizers of the World Space Week are recruiting volunteers to help expand the programme.  In addition to serving as event organizers and national or local coordinators, individuals can become World Space Week Association volunteers.
World Space Week Association volunteers:

  • Work at the global level
  • Can be located anywhere
  • Generally work around the year
  • Are unpaid but have outstanding networking opportunities

Below are current openings.  

  • Secretary – Helps plan Board meetings, takes minutes, and communications with Directors. Should regularly attend either IAC or COPUOS.
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Manager – Helps build an effective strategy and plans. Experience in strategy and planning is required.
  • Development
    • Manager – Manages the development of WSW Association and its resources. Experience either in fund-raising or business development is needed.
    • Deputy Manager – Works alongside the Manager
    • Space Sector Liaisons & Commercial Sector Liaisons – Seeks support for WSWA from the global space sector or commercial (non-space) sector. Fund-raising or marketing experience would be helpful.
    • Sponsor Services Coordinator– Provides WSWA sponsors with services. Customer relations experience would be valuable.
    • Grant-writer – Writes grant proposals for WSWA programs.
    • Application Data Entry – Fills in fund-raising applications on foundation and company websites.
  • Data Management
    • Deputy Manager – Helps manage global WSW and WSWA data. Experience in data management needed.
    • Salesforce Administrator – Configures and supports WSWA use of Salesforce CRM tool. Familiarity with Salesforce is essential.
    • Calendar & Imagery Coordinator – Manages the global WSW event calendar database and manages the global WSW imagery database.
  • Human Resources
    • HR Deputy Manager – Works alongside the Manager to recruit, place, motivate, and recognize WSWA volunteers.
  • Education Relations
    • Prospect Identification – Identifies potential WSW participants in the global education sector.
    • Teacher Guide Coordinator – Coordinators development and distribution of WSW teacher guides.
  • Media Communication & Public Relations
    • Manager – Manages WSWA global media and public relations. Build relationships with the media & communicates to the media. Media, PR, marketing experience desired.
    • Deputy Manager – Works alongside the Manager
    • Social Media Coordinator- Feeds WSW news through Twitter, Facebook, etc.
    • WSW Newsletter & Media Releases – Creates, arranges and writes WSWA newsletters and WSW media releases.
  • Space Community Relations
    • Manager – Manages marketing of WSW to the global space sector. This includes developing materials that promote/encourage global space sector participation in WSW. Space background and the ability to network is desired.
    • Deputy Manager – Works alongside the Manager.
    • Prospect Identifier – Identifies potential WSW participants in the global space sector.
  • Student Experiment in Space
    • Manager – Develops a potential new program to fly a student experiment in orbit. This includes work with participants, sponsors, media, etc. Experience in project management and fund-raising is desired.
  • National Coordinators Relations
    • Manager – Serves as WSWA liaison with WSW National Coordinators around the globe. Trains and supports WSW Coordinators. Ability to communicate in multiple languages would help.
    • Deputy Manager – Works alongside the Manager.
  • Reception
    • Manager – Manages WSW reception in Washington. Fund-raising and project management experience would be helpful.

    How to Apply
    To apply or for more information, please e-mail Executive Director Talia Page, [email protected]    When applying, please indicate the position desired, your qualifications, and why you wish to serve in this position.
    All positions require:

    • Excellent communication and organization skills
    • Reliable, high-bandwidth internet access including daily email access
    • Generally at least two hours per week unless noted otherwise

    For information, and to apply, visit their website by clicking here.