The Florida International University Graduate School (UGS) invites applications for the 2014 DEA Fellowship which is awarded to exceptional students  three times a year. The fellowship provides a stipend of $8,300 per term.
Fellowship recipients must be enrolled at UGS, the institution will provide a tuition waiver for, three dissertation credit hours per term. Any additional credits beyond the three that are required will be the financial responsibility of the student.
To be eligible for consideration for a DEA, applicants must:

  • Be currently enrolled for a minimum of three (3) dissertation credits
  • have D-2 and D-3 forms approved the term prior to applying for this fellowship
  • Students from any country can apply for the fellowship

How to Apply
• All applications must be made online
• Applicants should NOT include documentation beyond the three-page application.
• Letters of recommendation must be provided by the major professor and two faculty members and submitted by faculty directly to the Graduate Program Director.
• A completed Letter of Recommendation form should be attached to each letter of recommendation.
• Newly appointed faculty, must complete a paragraph stating why they would be suitable mentors on the bottom of the summary table (see attached in the recommendation form) and will be judged based on post-degree appointments, publications from theses or dissertations, evidence of acquiring external funds sufficient to support doctoral students, and any involvement in professional activities or services that are applicable.
• It is expected that full-tim applicants will not have been in the program for more than four years.
Deadline: Applicants should submit their complete application to their Graduate Program Director, May 16, 2014.
Click here to apply online