Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation invites artists to apply for its 2014 Artist Residencies The grants are to create an artistic work in Mexico under the guidance of an expert in the field, either national or foreign, in residence in Mexico.  The grant is for a minimum of one month and maximum of six months. Host Institutions include academic, cultural and artistic institutions, studios and workshops, as well as individual artists who commit to being advisors and providing the installations needed to carry out the artistic project.
Applications may only be submitted to create a work (not for research or performances). The grant does not cover courses or seminars, nor the chance to perform or exhibit the work created in Mexico.
Worth of Award

  • Monthly stipend of $10,093.50 Mexican pesos (equivalent to US$744.91)*
  • Round-trip international airfare
  • Round trip transportation from Mexico City to the final destination in Mexico and back
  • Any additional travel within Mexico needed to carry out any sort of activity must be paid for by the grantee.
  • IMSS health insurance beginning in the third month of the grant

Eligibility: The applicant must have a proven record in the type of artistic creation for which the grant is requested.
How to Apply
The following documents must be submitted:

  • Application form, completed and signed, with photograph
  • Letter from the host institution inviting the applicant to carry out the artistic project, clearly stating the title of the project, the start and end dates of the applicant’s activities and the name of his/her advisor.
  • Resume (CV) in Spanish, or the original and a Spanish translation.
  • An explanation of why the applicant is interested in producing an artistic work in
  • Mexico and what (s)he hopes to accomplish.
  • Structured work plan with a specific title and a timetable describing in detail the piece that will be created.
  • Letter of recommendation from a well-known artist from the applicant’s country attesting to the calibre of the candidate
  • Portfolio with photographs of three of the artist’s works and several sketches of his/her work that demonstrate experience in the area in which the artist residency is requested. Include the dates the work was done. For music, include recordings of three pieces on a good-quality cassette or CD.
  • Medical certificate of good health issued by a public institution
  • Copy of passport
  • 8 photographs (not digital) for a stay of over 2 months, or 2 photographs if for less than two months

Deadline: Applications will be accepted from March 5 to August 29, 2014.  This is for programs must beginning between April and October 2014.  Applications received outside of these dates will not be processed. Applicants will be informed of the results in writing by the corresponding Mexican embassy or the Mexican host institution.
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