Applications are now being invited for the 2014 postgraduate Academic Mobility of Africa Physicians. The project which is funded under the Intra ACP Academic Mobility Scheme. The project supports staff and students exchange in selected specialties of medicine within the partnership as well as eligible physicians outside the partnership.  PAMAPS also supports training, teaching and research capacity of physician-scientists in the HEIs through seminars and workshops.
Program Objectives:

  • To implement physician-scientists exchange and staff mobility exchange systems in support of the MSc. and Ph.D.    programmes in highly-specialised medical disciplines.
  • To provide platforms for African physicians to obtain joint/dual sandwich postgraduate medical science degrees.
  •  To develop legal frameworks between the HEIs within this consortium for recognition of qualifications and transfer of credits.
  •  To develop inter-institutional guidelines for exchange of staff in academia and research within the partnership on short-term basis.
  •  To build local training/teaching/research capacity of physician-scientists in the HEIs through seminars and workshops.


  • Application is open to Physicians from African countries
  • In order to be eligible for a PAMAPS scholarship under this Intra-ACP EU funded project, applicant must:
  • Be a national of one of the AFRICAN Countries

  • Have sufficient knowledge of the language of the courses or of one of the official languages of teaching in the hosting countries.

  •  For Target Group I:

  •  Be an alumnus of one of the six partner Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in PAMAPS project – in case of master students.

  •  Be duly registered at a doctoral programme at one of the six partner Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in PAMAPS project – in case of doctorate students applications.

  • In order to be considered eligible for Target Group I, applicants have to receive the formal support (letter of recommendation signed by senior lecturer or Dean) of a partner institution. This is a mandatory document to be submitted in the related section of the application form.

  • For Target Group II, applicant must have graduated (obtained a university degree) from a higher education institution from the eligible AFRICAN countries. Applicants need to justify how the study period abroad will benefit them, their institution and country. It is mandatory to include at least one letter of recommendation from their University in their individual application. Such document must be submitted in relevant section of the application form.

  • The staff mobility, academic and administrative staff, offers additional opportunities of personal and professional development, through the possibility of doing practical training, researching and teaching in a partner institution. This type of mobility always involves the active participation in teaching, research and in the daily life office activities. By submitting his/her application the applicant must be aware not only of the eligibility criteria but also of the tasks that the mobility will demand.

In order to be eligible for a PAMAPS scholarship, the academic and administrative staff applying to a mobility scholarship must:

  • Be a national of one of one of the AFRICAN countries of the PAMAPS partners institution
  •  Have sufficient knowledge of the language of the courses or of one of the official languages currently spoken in the hosting countries
  • Work for full time in a PAMAPS partner University
  • Base the mobility activities on the partnership agreements and the sustainability strategy defined by the members of PAMAPS partnership
  • Agree with the home and host universities on the programme of activities, namely: lectures or administrative work to be delivered by the visiting staff; the research activities to be carried out; the type of training to be followed; etc.

How to apply

  • All applications must be made online
  • Application forms can be downloaded online, see link below

Deadline: Application closing date is not stated.
Click here to apply

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