Waseda University, Japan,  invites applications from international students for the 2014 partial Tuition Waiver Scholarship. The university offers tuition reductions for the privately financed international students who are eligible for this scheme. Whether you will receive 50% annual tuition deduction will depend upon the screening based on your academic performance and economic circumstance etc. Students who wish to receive this tuition-waiver scholarship should carefully read the following and then apply for it. Waseda University, abbreviated as S?dai, is a private university mainly located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Worth of Award

  • Tuition deduction will be made at the time of fall semester tuition payment.
  • Note that those who have already paid the fall semester fees shall be paid the amount of scholarship back.


  • At the time of application, applicants must be enrolled in a regular undergraduate or graduate school program at Waseda University,
  • They must have a residency status of “College Student”,
  • They must be privately financed international students with outstanding academic performance who are acknowledged to have difficulty pursuing their studies due to economic reasons, and also they must submit an application for this scholarship.

Note that those to whom any of the following apply are NOT eligible.

  • Japanese Government (MEXT: Mombukagakusho) Scholarship students
  • Doctoral course students
  • Students enrolled in a consistent five-year Doctoral Program(year 3-5)
  • Research associates
  • Recipients of Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC) from the Japan Society for the Promotion of
  • Science
  • Students sponsored by foreign governments
  • Students whose school fees are being paid by an institution such as a corporation or scholarship foundation
  • Students who are regarded to lack the motivation to continue their studies, based on their attendance records
  • Students whose academic performance is poor and who are not expected to complete their degree
  • Students who have enrolled beyond the regular course term (with the exception of those who have extended their enrolment due to illness or other unavoidable circumstances)
  • Students on a leave of absence
  • Students studying outside of Japan (Students who are studying in Japan at the time of application for the
  • scholarship but who will study abroad from the fall semester are not eligible.
  • Application is permitted if the registration status is “Registered in School but Study Abroad.”)
  • Students who are not enrolled in the fall semester of the year.

How to Apply
Documents to be submitted
“Application Form: Academic Year 2014 Waseda University Partial Tuition-Waiver Scholarship” (prescribed form)
Other required documents

  • Copy of your certificate of resident card (both sides)
  • Copy of your housing lease agreement (those who live in Waseda University’s dormitory or are not contractors do not have to submit this document)
  • Income statement for your financial supporter issued by a municipal government office (only for those financial situation listed in Note 2 on Application Form apply)
  • Those who do not submit these documents will not be considered for this scholarship.

Notice of Selection: After the selection process, the recipients are notified by the office of their undergraduate or graduate school.
Deadline:  Applicants must submit the documents to their undergraduate or graduate school’s office by the deadline of Friday, May 28, 2014.
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