Applications are now being invited for the 2014 Tomlinson Doctoral Fellowships, Students currently enrolled at McGill, or whose latest degree was completed or in progress at McGill, are therefore ineligible.
Former McGill students who later completed a graduate degree elsewhere may apply. Visiting students at McGill, who are completing the requirements for a degree from another university, may apply.
• First Class Applicants: Only applicants with a 1st class academic record (A- or better overall grade or ? 3.70/4.00) will be considered.
• Citizenship: There are no citizenship restrictions.
• Tomlinson Doctoral Fellowships are adjudicated by the Faculty of Medicine Research and Graduate Studies Office; however, the Tomlinson Postdoctoral Fellowships continue to be administered by the GPSO.
How to Apply
• Applicants must submit their application and supporting documents to the Department/Unit/School where they intend to study.
• Departments will perform a pre-selection of doctoral applicants and will submit, at most, 3 nominations to the Faculty of Medicine Research and Graduate Studies Office, along with all supporting documents to the Faculty of Medicine Research and Graduate Studies Office.
How to Nominate
Submit the following
• Nomination Form (one for each applicant to be nominated)
• Ph.D. Student Application Form plus the following attachments
• Publication List – section 4
o Detailed Project Description – section 7 (one page maximum)
o Applicant’s Statement – section 8 (one page maximum)
o Two Referee Reports – section 10
• Report – form page with addresses and Part A completed
• Referee Letter – Part B (on letterhead)
o Proposed Supervisor’s Statement – section 11
• All Graduate and Undergraduate Transcripts – official transcripts or certified copies
• GPA Calculation Spreadsheet
• A copy of the decision form or letter showing acceptance for admission
Deadline; departments to submit their nominations are June 13th, 2014.
Click here for details and to apply online