RMIT University invites applications for the Bioinformatics Analysis of Tertiary Phase Glia in Preterm Brain Injury in Australia for the 2022/23 academic year.

Permanent brain injury in babies can result from exposure to an inflammatory insult combined with being born preterm (<37 of 40 weeks’ gestation). Over their lifetime, these infants frequently struggle in academic and social settings. This is due to cognitive and social deficits linked to their brain injuries. It is known that the cellular reactivity, termed the tertiary phase of injury persists into childhood. It also persists in adolescence after early brain injury and is equally observed after multiple other forms of brain injury.

These changes involve dysfunction of astrocytes and microglia and they sensitize the brain to further injury. Identifying these changes creates ample opportunities for novel therapeutic development. Undoubtedly, this project will add to this field of research by identifying the signature of injury in a mouse model of preterm inflammatory brain injury.


To this end, the student will be involved in isolation of glia from the mouse model of inflammatory preterm brain injury. S/he will also be involved in the bioinformatic analyses of novel RNA-seq data for cell-specific and temporal changes including the integration of existing data.

Worth of Award

This Project is attached to an NHMRC funded grant, and follows normal RMIT PhD Scholarship terms and conditions. i.e. full Scholarship over 3 years.


As an eligible candidate, you are expected to meet the

  • Standard RMIT conditions including English requirements. That and either an Honours degree with an H1 grade, or equivalent industry or academic experience.
  • You will equally have completed an Honours or Masters in bioinformatics, biostatistics, molecular biology, computer science, or a related discipline. Furthermore, you will have a keen interest in neurobiology and development. For a fact, you will work closely with Dr Alice Johnstone, supported by Dr Fleiss and a laboratory technician.

How to Apply

Please email [email protected] to discuss the Bioinformatics Analysis of Tertiary Phase Glia project.

Deadline: July 1st, 2023.


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