RMIT University invites applications for the PhD Scholarship in Indoor Air Quality in Schools in Australia for the 2022/23 academic year.

Children are vulnerable to poor air quality as pollutant exposure during developmental stages may produce lifelong issues. Some of these may become apparent only later in life. The Covid -19 pandemic has brought about an increased focus on air quality in schools.

In addition, extreme weather events such as heat waves, thunderstorms and bushfires, as well as planned burning prior to the fire season, are becoming more common. This is due to climate change, resulting in phenomena such as increased smoke haze that affect IAQ in classrooms. There is limited knowledge about the effects of such events on IAQ.


This project will investigate indoor air quality of schools and will explore various interventions such as air filtration technologies for improving indoor air quality. It will focus on schools located in a range of environments such as those impacted by traffic pollution, residential wood burning and bushfire smoke.

Worth of Award

Without a doubt, the value of the Scholarship is equivalent to a RMIT full Scholarship and will be available for 3 years.


Applicants must:

  • Satisfy RMIT University’s Doctor of Philosophy entry requirements
  • Have first-class Honours or equivalent in a relevant discipline
  • International applicants must also meet the minimum English language requirements

Desired candidates are candidates with

  • excellent written and communication skills,
  • demonstrated capacity to work independently and as a part of a team,
  • experience in research, and
  • a track record of published (or at least submitted) research articles.

How to Apply

When submitting your application, please submit the following documents to [email protected]

  • Cover letter outlining interest and alignment with the proposed research, and addressing the eligibility criteria
  • Copy of academic transcripts
  • CV (including the names of two referees)
  • Copy of Honours/Masters thesis or a first authored published peer reviewed journal paper.

Deadline: It is important to note that the position for the PhD Scholarship in Indoor Air Quality in Schools will remain open until filled. 


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