The 2014 African Story Challenge is a pan-African journalism run by the African Media Initiative to encourage more and better coverage of real life issues that matter to Africans, using innovative, multimedia and data-driven storytelling techniques.

The Media Council of Tanzania organizes the annual Excellence in Journalism Awards Tanzania (EJAT), which has 19 categories. Worth of Award

  • In the second stage of the Competition, 20 candidates will be shortlisted (henceforth called Finalists). Each will have to commit to participate in an intensive training boot camp. Following the boot camp, each of the 20 shortlisted candidates will be given a reporting grant of between US$2,000 and $20,000 to go out and produce the agreed story over the period of six weeks. The final work will be sent to a panel of external judges who will select one overall winner.
  • All Finalists will be required to make visa arrangements if their field production will take place in a country other than their home country.
  • The African Story Challenge and partners will provide flights (and associated taxes), insurance, visas, meals, accommodation and local transfer to the boot camp and award ceremony.
  • Although they will advise on other preparations needed (e.g vaccinations) Finalists are expected to arrange these themselves and as such these elements are not the responsibility of The African Story Challenge and partners.
  • Finalists will be reimbursed for any vaccinations required in association to their assignment. In addition, Finalists’ personal spending money for the duration of the trip shall be each Finalist’s own responsibility and so Finalists must therefore ensure that they have sufficient financial resources to meet any further financial commitments which may occur in connection with their trip.
  • Prior to departure, each Finalist will be required to provide The African Story Challenge with the contact details of his/her next of kin.


  • The Competition is not open to employees of AMI, ICFJ or their family members or anyone else connected to the Competition.
  • The Competition is open to Africans in Africa and the diaspora aged 18 (on or before 7th June 2013) and over.
  • The Competition is open to media houses, affiliated freelance journalists and online contributors with a demonstrable following. Each must have arranged at least one distribution outlet for their final story.
  • Entrants will be selected based on geography, format/platform and editorial criteria.

How to Apply

  • To enter the Competition entrants must pick one of the issues from the themes section and write a proposal in English or French, of no more than 250 words on their chosen topic. Entrants should submit their entries using the entry form postal, fax or hand delivered entries will not be accepted.
  • All entries must be received by the stipulated deadline for each them. Any entries received after this closing date will not be accepted. No responsibility is taken for entries that are lost, delayed, misdirected or incomplete or cannot be delivered or entered for any technical other reason. Proof of delivery of the entry is not proof of receipt. We shall not be responsible for the return of entries.
  • Entries must include full name, home address, email, mobile and/or home phone number. When entering, entrants must specify which platform(s) their proposal is for – TV, radio, or online.
  • Entries should not have been previously published and should be the sole original work of the entrant. Any evidence of plagiarism may result in the entrant being removed from the Competition.
  • Incomplete entries or entries on behalf of another person will not be accepted.
  • All Finalists must possess a valid passport (valid for at least eight months from the Competition closing date).
  • The African Story Challenge is not responsible for cancellation, delays or changes to flights or for the inability of any Finalist to take further part in the Competition due to problems with flights, travel or any other factor outside The Africa Story Challenge’s control.
  • All 20 shortlisted candidates must have no criminal convictions, outstanding court summons or any legal reason that would prevent them from leaving their country of residence. Any breach of this may result in a shortlisted candidate being removed from the Competition and a replacement being picked from the remaining entrants.
  • Finalists must be available to travel to boot camps and for field production. If a Finalist is unable to travel on the above dates, The African Story Challenge reserves the right to remove such a Finalist from the 20 shortlisted candidates and pick a replacement from the remaining entrants. Boot camps will last for up to seven days, including travel time. Field reporting can last up to six weeks.
  • The African Story Challenge may terminate this Agreement upon notice to the Finalist for any of the following reasons: if he/she is unable to attend one of the two boot camps assigned to him/her; if he/she is unable to go to the field to finalise his/her story; if he/she fails to submit a Finalist feature; if he/she fails to keep to their proposed journey and itinerary without good reason or unless agreed with The African Story Challenge; if he/she brings or seeks to bring The African Story Challenge, its publications or the partners into disrepute; if he/she breaches any term of this Agreement.
  • In consideration of The African Story Challenge agreeing to consider their entry and, where applicable, their Finalist piece, each entrant:
    • Grants The African Story Challenge and each of the partners a perpetual licence to copy, edit, display, publish and make available their entry/Finalist feature in any format (whether online, on TV, radio or in paper or otherwise) in connection with the Competition
  • All Finalists will be required to sign a letter to confirm their acceptance of these terms and conditions prior to their departing on their trip.
  • For entries that do not make the final cut but that are deemed sufficiently good, The African Story Challenge will give smaller reporting grants to the entrants to complete the story, and post these on the The African Story Challenge website.

Deadline: application deadline depends on topic chosen Cycle 1: Agriculture and Food Security- May 16, 2014. Cycle 2: Diseases: Prevention and Treatment-November 26,2014 Cycle 3: Business and Technology-April 22,2014  Click here for details  and to apply online