Universität Hamburg, Germany, invites International students and first-degree graduates with good to excellent academic achievements to apply for the 2014 Merit Scholarships.  They encourage international students with good to excellent grades and who demonstrate motivation and interest in their subject area to apply. It is important that applicants submit two evaluations from professors at Universität Hamburg as proof of their motivation and skills.
Worth of Award
Successful applicants are paid monthly scholarships of up to EUR 650. The maximum funding period is twelve months.
When to apply varies according to which degree program an applicant is pursuing:

  • Only advanced semester students pursuing Diplom, Magister and Staatsexamen (state examination) degrees may apply for merit scholarships.
  • Students pursuing BA, BSc, MA, MSc and PhD degrees must be at least in their third semester.
  • All applicants must have been enrolled in their degree program at Universität Hamburg for at least two semesters.
  • Apart from demonstrating good to excellent academic performance, applicants must be willing to devote two to four hours per week to their internationalization projects.
  • The merit scholarship is open to international students twenty-nine years or younger pursuing a Magister, bachelor’s, or master’s degree, or those thirty-three years or younger pursuing a doctoral degree.
  • International students who are eligible for BAföG assistance (§8 of the German Federal Education and Training Assistance Act, Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz) are not eligible to apply.
  • Merit scholarships target outstanding international students from all degree programs who are pursuing academic degrees, including doctoral students. Bachelor’s and master’s students must not be older than twenty-nine. Doctoral students must not be older than thirty-three.

How to Apply
Online application

  • You can apply throughout the year for the upcoming application deadline.
  • Please remember that your application must contain two evaluations from your supervising professors. Your supervisors must be full-time professors at Universität Hamburg who offer courses and conduct research independently in their field. Evaluations from visiting and retired professors, or Privatdozenten will not be accepted. You must not submit your application without confirmation from two professors willing to provide evaluations in support of your application.
  • Please read the checklist on applying online (in German only) before completing your application. In case your academic achievements or credits are not included in STiNE, please use our form list of academic performance (in German only).
  • Ask two professors to confirm they will provide you with evaluations. Please ensure you leave enough time for uploading your documents.
  • Indicate your secondary school qualification and entire academic history, including degrees not yet completed. This will provide us with an overview of your prior education similar to a CV.
  • You must indicate whether you have received any assistance from other funding sources before, e.g., scholarships, financial assistance, travel bursaries, book prizes, etc.
  • The selection committee does not have access to STiNE and can thus only review the achievements listed by the applicant. If you want us to consider achievements from your current degree program, please upload your STiNE transcript or fill out the form available from our section.
  • International students are students without German citizenship. If you hold dual citizenship, i.e. German and a further foreign citizenship, you will not be considered an international student for the purposes of the merit scholarship and are not eligible

Deadline: Application deadlines are April  15 and October 15.
Click here for more  details and to apply online