The Nagoya University, Japan, invites applications for the 2014 Women Leaders Program which is aimed at addressing problems that need to be solved in the Asian region, which consists of multicultural societies in various stages of development. These problems include poverty, diverse health problems, and gender gaps. This is a five-year program and only students who plan to enter a doctoral program at one the above four graduate schools will be accepted.
With a focus on food, health, environments, social systems, and education, the program aims to foster women leaders who can work in a global context to achieve well-being in Asia. Approximately 20 students in total from the four graduate schools will be admitted into the program. Priority is given to female students but male students with an appreciation of gender equality are welcome to apply
Worth of Award

  • About 20% of the total admissions will be allocated to international students.
  • There is no additional cost for participation in the program. However, admission to the program does not mean that university enrollment and tuition fees will be waived. For tuition exemption, please follow the regular procedure.
  •  Each student will receive a stipend (150,000JPY/month). The program scholarship will be provided over a period of four years and six months, from October 2014. Students will be required to take qualifying examinations to enter doctoral programs.
  • Stipends for doctoral students who pass the qualifying examinations will be increased to 200,000JPY per month. In the event of poor attendance and sub-standard academic results, the student’s scholarship may be suspended.
  • Because a program scholarship is regarded as student income, there is a possibility that the scholarship will be subject to income tax.

Application is opened to Japanese students (including students with regular jobs) and international students who are enrolled in a

  • Master’s program in any of the following four graduate schools as at April 2014:

• Graduate School of International Development
• Graduate School of Education and Human Development
• Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences
• Graduate School of Medicine (including Health Sciences)

  • With regard to the master’s program in medicine, Japanese and international students who are enrolled as at April 2013 and as at October 2013 are eligible.
  • This is a five-year program and only students who plan to enter a doctoral program at one the above four graduate schools will be accepted.
  • International students who receive scholarships from the Japanese government, a foreign government, and/or private foundations, and students with regular jobs are eligible to apply but may not receive program scholarships.

How to Apply  

  • Application should be made through an affiliated graduate school. Complete application packages should be submitted to the office of educational and student affairs (“gakumu” or “kyomu-gakusei-tantou”) at each graduate school.
  • All application must include
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Short essay (A4 size, approx. two pages)

Essay title: What is needed to achieve well-being in Asia.

  • A recommendation letter from the academic advisor

Selection criteria

  • Primary selection: Screening of application documents
  • Secondary selection: Interviews with those who pass primary selection

 Deadline: Application closes on May 16, 2014.Interviews are scheduled to take place from June 2, 2014 through June 6, 2014. Interview results will be notified to each applicant by post.
If you have any questions, please email: [email protected]
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