The 50 best universities in the United States of America according to the latest ranking of world universities by Webometrics released in July 2011. These universities also dominate the top 100 universities in the world, according to the ranking. Interestingly, MIT overtook Harvard as the world’s top university. Check out the list!
1.            Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2.            Harvard University
3              Stanford University
4              Cornell University
5              University of California Berkeley
6              University of Michigan
7              University of Wisconsin Madison
8              University of Washington
9              University of Minnesota
10           University of Pennsylvania
11           University of Texas Austin
12           Columbia University New York
13           California Institute of Technology Caltech *
14           University of California Los Angeles UCLA
15           Johns Hopkins University *
16           University of Maryland *
17           University of Florida
18           University of Illinois Urbana Champaign *
19           Texas A&M University
20           Carnegie Mellon University
21           Michigan State University
22           Purdue University
23           University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
24           Pennsylvania State University *
25           Yale University
26           University of Chicago
27           New York University
28           Rutgers University
29           University of Pittsburgh
30           University of California San Diego
31           Duke University
32           University of Arizona
33           Princeton University
34           University of Southern California
35           University of Virginia
36           University of California Davis
37           North Carolina State University
38           Georgia Institute of Technology
39           Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
40           University of California Irvine
41           Arizona State University
42           University of Colorado Boulder
43           Iowa State University
44           Washington University Saint Louis
45           University of Georgia
46           Oregon State University
47           University of California Santa Barbara
48           Ohio State University
49           University of Iowa
50           University of California Santa Cruz
For a full list of all the top ranked universities with links to their respective websites, visit the official Webometrics ranking website by clicking here.