Marshal Papworth Scholarship Fund invites graduate students from developing countries to apply for the 2014/2015 Marshal Papworth Scholarship to study for one year at specifically selected universities and colleges in the UK.
Worth of Award

  • MSc and MA Scholarships vary in value from £14,500 to £21,500 depending on location and chosen university/College. The scholarships are designed to fund the majority of tuition fees, living expenses and travel costs.
  • To complement the funding offer we usually seek some contribution from either the student or other supporting organisations.
  • Scholarship monies are paid to the University/Colleges direct in three instalments, normally at the beginning of each semester.
  • Students must comply with UK laws regarding immigration and Visas
  • It is important to stress that there are no additional funds available from the Marshal Papworth Scholarship Fund other than the amount you have been awarded.
  • The cost of living is a lot higher in the UK, so they therefore strongly advise that students need to be fully confident of their ability to fund any additional and associated costs.


  • As stipulated in Marshal’s will the Scholarship is for students from developing countries only.
  • Marshal Papworth scholarship fund one-year postgraduate courses such as MSc or MA and these are only for students from developing countries
  • As an agricultural charity they tend to favour land-based postgraduate courses, including Sustainable Development, Waste Management, International Horticulture, but will consider more general courses such as Project Management and Economic Development.
  • They expect students to gain acceptance on a suitable course. Please see below a list of universities/colleges that we are currently working with.
  • It is essential that all prospective students have a good command of the English language.
  • Each student obtaining a scholarship must intend to return to their own country to utilise their skills for the benefit of their own countrymen.
  • It is important that students have not received any other scholarship prior to applying to the Marshal Papworth Fund.

How to Apply

  • Please read below carefully, and make sure you are applying for the Masters Programme. You cannot apply directly to the Marshal Papworth Fund. The Masters Application process is as follows.

Prospective Scholarship Students should contact their chosen University/College directly and apply for their chosen course.

  • Students who apply to the University/College must have a good command of English Language as they will have to sit an English test. English language is a requirement for all University/College admissions and English language is a requirement stipulated by UKBA for international students.
  • These students then go through the applications procedure of the University/College for the Course.
  • Once accepted onto a course the University/College will select candidates they believe are eligible for Marshal Papworth Scholarship and they will forward applications and CV’s onto the Fund.
  • We ask that the Students should not have received any other Scholarship before and that they (and their home country) will definitely benefit from the Student being awarded a Scholarship.
  • Applications for Scholarships must be received by the Fund not later than the end of the second week of April or the last day before the Easter break, whichever is the former. This is to ensure that the Students who are awarded a Scholarship have ample time to arrange Visa’s and travel arrangements before the start of their course in the autumn.
  • Copy of the Admission Application/Copy of Certificates/Copy of Transcripts/Copy of References/Completed Marshall Papworth Student Application Form and CV’s will be forwarded to Marshal Papworth Scholarship Committee for perusal and comments soon after the closing date.

The applications and CV’s will then be considered by the Committee and Scholarships awarded to the Students via the University/Colleges in May.
 Deadline: Applications for Scholarships must be received by the Fund not later than the end of the second week of April or the last day before the Easter break, whichever is the former.
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