sha Master of Science in Global Urban Health in University of Freiburg 2022/23

Master of Science in Global Urban Health in University of Freiburg 2022/23

The University of Freiburg invites applications for the Master of Science in Global Urban Health for the 2022/23 academic year.

The Master of Science is an interdisciplinary, modular course for graduates in the fields of social sciences, medicine, public health, anthropology, or similar background who have professional experience in health sciences, environmental health, urban planning/migration, or social work.

The aim of the course is to convey knowledge, skills, and competencies concerning the identification and management of risks factors for health in big cities, especially, but not only, in low- and middle-income countries.

Worth of Award


The scholarship is worth 12,000 EUR. 

Furthermore, the Master of Science in Global Urban Health will teach you to

  • develop analytical and management skills to meet the challenges of urban health;
  • identify and quantify biological-psychological-social threats to health and risk factors in urban areas.
  • develop knowledge and skills in the field of prevention, control, program development, monitoring, and evaluation for improving urban health;
  • design and conduct research projects in the field of urban health;
  • make proactive evidence-based decisions and gain leadership qualities and effective working skills according to the professional background;
  • enhance independent and reflective thinking and inspire an interest in lifelong learning.


The MSc GUH follows an interdisciplinary approach and addresses professionals from different backgrounds such as:

  • medicine, public health, social sciences, health economics, urban planning, psychology, political science, and anthropology among others
  • The course is open for applicants worldwide. Applications from developing countries are particularly encouraged.
  • Candidates with working experience in low and middle-income countries in a relevant field are preferably accepted.

Every interested person with the following requirements can apply:

  • Graduates of a relevant field holding a higher academic degree (minimum 4 years of academic full-time studies).
  • ¬†Working experience in a relevant field.
  • ¬†Proficiency in the English language.

How to Apply

All applications should be made online via the official website.

Deadline: April 15th of each year.


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