MIASA Tandem Residential Fellowships for African Researchers at University of Ghana 2022/23

The University of Ghana invites applications for the MIASA Tandem Residential Fellowships for African Researchers for the 2022/2023 academic year.

The Maria Sibylla Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in Africa (MIASA) is dedicated to research in the Humanities and Social Sciences, with ‘Sustainable Governance’ as its central topic.

The main thematic corridors are conflict and sustainable peace, democracy and environmental transformation. It is also interested in a wide range of intersectional sub-topics, such as landownership and acquisition, migration and mobility, restitution of cultural objects, African cities, human rights and other related themes.

Worth of Award

  • The successful applicants become MIASA fellows with all the corresponding rights and obligations for the requested funding period.

Fellows affiliated with a home institution may choose between two fellowship options: (1) The fellows’ salary or teaching substitution costs are met by MIASA for every full fellowship month on the principle of “no loss, no gain,” and paid directly to his/her home institution. (2) A fellow may choose the option of an individual grant based on the candidate’s salary at his/her home institution. Additionally, fellows from outside Accra may receive a monthly living allowance of up to 675€.

  • Non-affiliated fellows receive an individual monthly grant.
  • For all fellows from outside Accra, MIASA provides accommodation (or an equivalent accommodation allowance of up to 1500€/month) and reimburses travel costs.
  • In addition, a small contribution to support research undertaken at MIASA can be granted to the MIASA fellow upon application to MIASA directors (max. 250€/ fellow month). MIASA fellows who come with family members to Accra can receive a family allowance.
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  • A tandem residential fellowship at MIASA is comprised of two researchers – one from Africa and one from Germany.
  • They apply as a team for working together on a particular research topic, addressing MIASA’s overarching aims.
  • The call is open to both junior (> 6 years after completion of PhD) and senior (> 6 years after completion of PhD) researchers.

How to Apply

Applications must include the following information:

1. Front page with general information on the applicant (max. 2 pages):

  • Title, name (last, first), e-mail address, link to webpage.
  • Date of doctorate.
  • Current position/affiliation, institution and business address (name of institution/city/country).
  • Research field.
  • Title of joint tandem fellowship project.
  • Abstract of the joint tandem fellowship project (max. 150 words).
  • Dates for the joint tandem fellowship at MIASA for which you apply.
  • The two most important reasons why you apply for a residential fellowship at MIASA.

* This information has to be provided for both fellows.

Project proposal (max. 5 pages):

  • Project title (max. 50 characters)
  • Abstract of the fellowship project (150 words)
  • Aims, theoretical framework and methodology of the project.
  • Work and time plan (note: the fellowship only offers a max. of 500€/month research costs for both fellows together and requires being present at MIASA).
  • Innovative potential, originality and relevance of the project.
  • Added value of conducting research at MIASA and the University of Ghana as well as of doing the research as a tandem team.
  • Bibliographical references (max. 1 page in addition to the 5 pages of the proposal).
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CV in tabular form (max. 2 pages for each candidate).

Publication list highlighting the most important publications (max. 2 pages for each candidate).

Please note: no cover letter is required, but a front page.

Deadline: The application deadline for the MIASA Tandem Residential Fellowships is November 15, 202124 h UTC.


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