Entries are invited from interested persons worldwide to create a comprehensive ideas plan for the South Harbour that can be used as a basis for the future development of the area. The entrants must present public urban spaces for the area, chart the amount of supplementary construction, and placement possibilities as well as improve pedestrian traffic and cycling connections and spaces.
The competition area must be linked more tightly to the city centre structure. The entrants must examine how the space use of port operations can be made more efficient. The competition entries must consider, in particular, the area’s cityscape-related and cultural-historic values as well as appearance to the sea.


A total of €165,000 will be distributed as prizes:
First prize €60,000
Second prize €45,000
Third prize €30,000
In addition, 2 redemptions worth €15,000 will be given.


The competition is open to everyone. It is desirable for the entrants to form design groups with a varied composition of experts in the fields of land use and architecture, landscape architecture as well as traffic, community, construction and energy technology and harbour operations.
Members of the jury, secretary, their business partners or close relatives are excluded from the competition. All persons who have participated in the preparation work of the competition are also excluded. The competition organizer decides any exclusion matters.


Submission Requirements

Entries could be submitted in English or Finnish
City structure image 1:4000
Site plan 1:2000
Subarea images 1:500
Sections and façades 1:500
Illustrations: At least three images that illustrate the central ideas of the entry.
Traffic and parking diagram 1:4000
Report on the contents of the competition entry
Other illustrative material
Scale model: A scale model is demanded, when necessary, of some entries in the preliminary upper class at the entrant’s expense. The scale model encompasses the competition area.
Drawings must endure handling. They must be attached to size A1 (841 x 594 mm) firm boards and must not be covered with plastic. The site plan and city structure image must be presented on a vertical sheet board. Other drawings can be presented on horizontal sheet boards. The maximum number of boards is 8 boards per competition entry.
A CD, DVD or memory stick must be attached to the entry with the following material:
Presentation boards reduced to size A3, compiled as pdf queue (300 dpi)
One A4 report
Short, including spaces approx. 600 character-long presentation text (txt)
Site plan (jpg)
An aerial photograph immersion on the provided oblique aerial photograph base (enclosure L4 image 01) (jpg)
Perspective image from the area as seen from the pedestrian level (jpg)
Optional illustration (jpg)
The size of jpg images must be 1,600 pixels in width and 1,200 pixels in height (300 dpi). The images must be named as follows: entry name_1, entry name_2 etc.
The images and presentation texts will be used to present the entries on the competition website. They are also available to the media.
All identifiers referring to the creator’s identity must be removed from all files.
How to Apply
The competition period ends on 30 September 2011. The competition entry must be either
delivered by 4 pm on 30 September 2011 to the City of Helsinki Registry at the address shown below or
given on 30 September 2011 to be transported by the post or another transport instance as home delivery. In such case, it is the entrants’ responsibility that the entry arrives no later than 14 October 2011. The dispatch must have a date of dispatch marked by the post or another transport instance, which must not be later than 30 September 2011.
In both cases the top side of the dispatch must be marked with the pseudonym as well as “South Harbour – ideas competition”. The pseudonyms of the arrived entries and the estimated settlement time of the competition will be published on the competition website.
Delivery by post:
City of Helsinki
Registry Office
City Planning Department
P.O. Box 10
FI-00099 City of Helsinki, Finland
For more information, and to apply, visit their website by clicking here.