PhD Studentship in Computer Science at Orebro University in Sweden 2021

Project details:

The offered position is part of the new European research and innovation project DARKO, to be coordinated by Örebro University.

The topic for this position is aligned with contemporary research topics in mapping and localisation for autonomous mobile robots. Specifically, the successful candidate will be expected to contribute to research on (1) representing and using maps of dynamics for ”flow-aware” robots that can learn, e.g., how people tend to move, and plan their motions to move safely and efficiently together with people; and (2) reliability-aware mapping and safe localisation, enabling robots to better self-monitor the quality of their mapping and localisation systems.

Research in this project will be performed in close interaction with other doctoral students and senior researchers at Örebro University, and will also involve substantial collaboration with our international and national research partners from academia and industry.

The successful candidate is autonomous, shows strong and independent problem solving and critical analytical abilities. Furthermore, the candidate has the ability to co-operate and possesses personal maturity. Fluent spoken and written command of English is essential, while knowledge of Swedish is not necessary. Excellent programming skills are also required, as in a keen interest in mathematics, computer science, and robotics. Prior knowledge in probabilistic methods is beneficial. Experience with robotic sensing and control, machine learning, and relevant software frameworks are other valuable merits.

Worth of Award

  • The position is offered as a full-time doctoral studentship for the duration of the study programme.
  • Duties such as teaching, administration and research other than the student’s own thesis project may be included, however with no more than 20 per cent of a full-time post.
  • To compensate for time spent on such duties, extensions to the programme length and funding period will be granted. More information on doctoral studentships, part-time studies and part-time doctoral studentships can be found in the Regulations Handbook.
  • The initial salary for a doctoral studentship is 27 500 SEK per month.
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For admission to research studies, applicants are required to meet general and specific entry requirements. In addition, they shall be considered in other respects to have the ability required to benefit from the programme. For a full account of the entry requirements, refer to the admissions regulations as well as to annex 2 to the general syllabus for the subject.

Applicants meet the general entry requirements for research studies if they

  • have been awarded a qualification at the Master’s level, or
  • have satisfied the requirements for courses comprising at least 240 credits (four years) of which at least 60 credits (one year) were awarded at the Master’s level, or
  • have acquired substantially equivalent knowledge in some other way in Sweden or abroad.
  • Applicants with credits or qualifications from undergraduate programmes under the previous Swedish higher education system corresponding to these entry requirements are also eligible. The university may permit exemptions from the entry requirements for individual applicants, if there are special grounds.
  • For applicants to meet the specific entry requirements for research studies in the subject, the following applies master of science in computer science, engineering, or master’s degree in related subject such as mathematics, physics, machine learning, or robotics – or acquired substantially corresponding knowledge.
  • Applicants who have acquired substantially corresponding knowledge, in Sweden or abroad, also meet the specific entry requirements. Applicants with credits or qualifications from undergraduate programmes under the previous Swedish higher education system corresponding to these entry requirements are also eligible.
  • The assessment whether an applicant has such ability in other respects to benefit from the programme shall be made based on prior courses and programmes taken by the applicant, on other previous activities, as well as on the essays and other independent projects of a scholarly nature that have been submitted by the applicant.
  • In selecting between applicants, their ability to benefit from the research studies shall be taken into account (see the university’s selection criteria, annex 2 to the general syllabus for the subject). If applicants are found to have equal qualifications, preference will be given to applicants of the underrepresented sex. The term underrepresented sex here refers to if and when the share of either female or male students enrolled on the research study programme in the subject amounts to less than 40 percent.
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How to Apply

  • The application is made online.

When applying for admission to research studies, always attach the following documents:

  • The form: Application form for admission to research studies.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • Proof of completed higher education, if applicable degree certificates.
  • Independent project (degree project).
  • Copies of relevant course/degree certificates and references verifying eligibility and criteria met
  • Description of research interests – detailing the field of research you are interested in, including, if applicable, theoretical and methodological approaches (2-5 pages).

Deadline: The application deadline is August 23, 2021.


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