The 2014-2015 All Saints Scholarship are now open to international and UK/EU who are over the age of 18 and have admission to study at recognised institutions of higher education in the UK.
There is no upper age limit; but the Trust must be confident that those applying will be in a position to make a commensurate ongoing contribution to society as the fruits of any award that they receive.
Worth of Award: Not stated but the following rules apply

Please note that the Trust does NOT normally make awards for the following:

  • routine living expenses, except where exceptional hardship justifies assistance
  • the avoidance of student loan or tuition fee requirements, except where exceptional hardship justifies assistance
  • school fees for children
  • degrees not carrying ‘Qualified Teacher Status’ – except for BA in Education/BEd
  • nutritional work if principally for the NHS
  • courses in counselling unless for already serving teachers wishing to gain further relevant qualifications
  • youth or community work outwith the school environment
  • research unconnected with the profession of education or the training of teachers
  • short courses (unless these are accredited: for example, bridging modules or similar courses that are essential prior requirements for transfer to a PGCE programme)
  • individual attendance at conferences (at the Clerk’s discretion)

Applicants must be able to fulfil all of the following criteria:

  • applicants must already possess a relevant undergraduate (first degree) or equivalent qualification, awarded no more recently than three years before the expected start of the academic programme for which assistance from the Trust is sought
  • applicants must have a written offer of admission to study full time in the UK at a recognised institution of higher education (for example, a university), for a relevant qualification that meets the objectives of the Trust, as reflected in the Vision and Mission Statements. (Further information about the educational priorities of the Trust and the general terms of reference governing the making of awards is to be found elsewhere on the website.)
  • ‘relevant qualifications’ include Master’s programmes or other advanced postgraduate diplomas

Do not apply if

  • You are under the age of 18
  • You hope to study for or pursue a career in business/management or related subject areas, eg economics; engineering, law, medicine, nursing, the performing arts or related subject areas eg the media, creative writing; social/welfare work or as a therapist or counsellor (other than in a school-centred environment), or in commercial IT, private sector catering or ‘hospitality’
  • You need funds to train for ordination
  • You are requesting funds for a Sabbatical period
  • You have sufficient funds already to sustain you while you are studying, and therefore do not need to rely upon further assistance
  • You intend to study at a university outside the UK/EU

How to apply

  • Applicants are to complete the application form online and email it back to the school, or print it out, complete it, and then send it to the institution.
  • Alternatively you can obtain the form by sending a stamped addressed A4 envelope to:Mr. K. D. Mitchell
    The Clerk
    All Saints Educational Trust
    Ground Floor
    Knightrider House
    30-32 Knightrider Street
    EC4V 5JT

UK/EU (‘home’) Students

  • Closing date for receipt of eligible requests for Full Application Packs: 16 March 2014
  • Closing date for receipt of fully completed application forms (including references2) 30 March 2014

Overseas Students

  • Closing date for receipt of eligible requests for Full Application Packs: 16 March 2014
  • Closing date for receipt of fully completed application forms (including references2) 28 April 2014

Click here for details and to apply online

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