The African Network for Strategic Communication in Health and Development (AfriComNet) invites applications for the 2014 annual Awards for Excellence in Health Communication in Africa. 
The awards aim to recognize outstanding contributions made by individuals/organizations to strategic communication for health, Encourage innovation and quality in strategic communication, enhancing appreciation of strategic communication as a necessary tool for effective health and development programs and acknowledge programs, tools and productions that advance strategic communication and can be adapted and applied elsewhere.
Winners will be awarded in the following categories;

  • Best Mass media intervention, campaign or production: This category recognizes initiatives using mass media as the main channel (50% plus of the initiative) for their strategic communications. (Includes film, television or radio productions advocating behavior change or raising awareness about a health issue)
  • Best Multi-channel communication intervention or campaign:Recognizing integrated strategic communication initiatives or interventions (using television/radio, print, interpersonal channels). Nominations should show that there is a balance in the use of the various channels.
  • Best Interpersonal/community initiative/intervention:Includes use of community radio, peer education, counseling, or community mobilization to raise awareness about a Health issue
  • Best Social marketing initiative, strategy or campaign:Entries in this category include Health -related product/service advertisement, branding or promotion
  • Best Popular/folk media initiative:This category includes the use of creative and performing arts advocating behavior change or raising awareness about Health (e.g. theater, puppetry, visual arts and dance, drama or music concerts, etc).
  • Best Health-related series:Entries for this category include newspaper/magazine column or series of articles, documentary films and TV/ radio broadcasts, or comic book series
  • Best social/new media initiative:This category includes the use of digital social platforms e.g. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, text messaging, blogging etc, to advocate for behavior change or raise awareness about Health. Entries must show that social/new media is the main implementation platform for the initiative.

Worth of Award
Winners will be awarded in the following categories;

  • The winner will receive a plaque and the runner up a certificate, recognizing the achievement.
  • AfriComNet does not offer prize money for this award.


  • Individuals and organizations implementing Health communication initiatives, campaigns, productions and tools that advance the field of strategic communication and can be evaluated, adapted and applied elsewhere
  • The nominated initiative must have been implemented in Africa,
  • The nominated initiative/campaign must have been implemented for at least two years.
  • At least one person involved in the initiative’s development should be an African citizen or have worked in Africa for a period of more than two years.

The rules of entry are:
The competition will be judged by an assigned team of three judges from three countries

  • Two finalists in each category will be contacted in advance to let them know that their initiative is being considered for an Award.
  • One winner will be selected in each of the seven categories.
  • Should the entries in a particular category fall below the minimum standard the judges reserve the right not to select a finalist
  • The judges reserve the right to transfer entries for consideration in  other categories at their discretion

How to Apply

  • Complete a soft copy of the nomination form (available on their website or request for it from the secretariat) and email it to AfriComNet at [email protected]clearly indicating the category in the subject line.
  • Two printed (hard) copies of the completed nomination form and supporting materials should be sent to AfriComNet addressed to

Nomination guidelines:

To nominate, the following procedure must be followed:

  • Any person or organization can nominate an initiative by submitting a completed nomination form
  • Nomination forms are available from the AfriComNet website or can be requested by email.
  • The nominator must describe his or her association with the nominated initiative or production.
  • A summary of what the initiative has accomplished, sample materials and any impact documented, should accompany the nomination. (e.g. Websites/URLs, Annual reports, midterm and other evaluation reports etc)
  • Supporting materials in languages other than English and French MUST be translated
  • Two referees (individual or organization) including their contact information shall be submitted for the nominated initiative. The references should have worked or associated with the creative individual/team for at least two years.
  • An initiative can be nominated in only one category.

Selection criteria
Entries will be judged based on their contribution to innovating, strengthening and popularizing strategic communication as a necessary tool for health and development. The jury will score nominations on the following criteria;

  • Relevance to context
  • Methodology used/Follows a strategic communication process
  • Innovation
  • Ease of replication in other contexts
  • Sustainability of the intervention
  • Impact of the intervention or Evaluation results

Deadline: The deadline for receiving entries is April 15, 2014
For further enquiries, email: [email protected]
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