Copenhagen Business School invites applications for a PhD scholarship within the maritime research area in the 2021/22 academic session.

The application must include a 5-page PhD project description describing the scientific content of the research project. The theme of the research project concerns customer relations in international shipping regarded from a digitalization perspective. Academically the PhD project will be based on a combination of business model theories and maritime digitalization research. The business model aspect is embedded in a long, solid research tradition within strategic management (According to Zoot, Amit and Massa (2011) at least 1177 business model articles were published in peer-reviewed academic journals between 1995 and 2011.). The fundamental definition of business model is “a customer-based value proposition” and an important aspect of the project will be to understand implications of various types of “value propositions” – that is both in terms of traditional financial value as well as the more alternative understandings such as social, environmental and cultural values.

The maritime digitalization research mirrors a combination of research within digitalization and maritime economics. The latter is a growing research field as illustrated by the recent publication of the book Maritime Informatics (Lind, Michaelides, Ward & Watson (2020)). The research area tends to be focused on a technological understanding of maritime informatics such as vessel design, route planning and port management. This PhD project will contribute by including a rather novel focus on the customer side of maritime informatics. The purpose of the project is thus to investigate and understand how digitalization-processes have – and continuously will – develop innovative relations between shipping companies and existing as well as new customers.


Worth of Award

  • The 3-year scholarship is a fully salaried positions, according to the national Danish collective agreement.
  • The scholarship includes the tuition fees, office space, travel grants plus a salary, currently starting with per month app. DKK 28,000 (app. 3,700 euro) up to DKK 31,600 (app. 4,200 euro), depending on seniority, plus a pension contribution totaling 17.1% of the base salary.
  • The salary level and appointment is determined by the Ministry of Finance’s collective agreement with the Central Academic Organization.


  • The Department will give priority to applicants with the following qualifications: high grades from their universities, an educational background in the social sciences, and finally, the applicants must be fluent in English.
  • To be considered for the 3 years program, the candidate should have a basic training at the Masters level (similar to the 3 + 2 Bologna process and a total of 180+120 ECTS). However, applicants who hold a one year Master’s degree may also be considered for evaluation.
  • PhD students who enter the PhD program with a one year Master’s degree (60 ECTS) will be offered a 4 years program and will be considered a Master’s student for the first 2 years of the program.

How to Apply

Copenhagen Business School must receive all application material, including all appendices by the application deadline.

The application must be sent via the electronic recruitment system, using the link below. The application material must include:

  • Copy of diplomas and grade transcripts from Bachelor’s and Master’s level education
  • Curriculum vitae (CV),
  • If relevant, a list of papers and publications,
  • Sample of a written work (e.g. Master’s thesis),
  • The application must include a 5-page PhD project description.

This research proposal should contain a presentation of an original research question pertaining to the research theme described above. Together with a description of the initial theoretical framework and methodology, a presentation of the suggested empirical material as well as a work-plan.

Deadline: Applications close on May 10, 2021.


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