US Embassy Public Diplomacy Small Grants Programme 2021 (Win up to $75,000)

The U.S. Embassy Algiers Affairs Section (PAS) is inviting applications for its Public Diplomacy (PD) small grants program in 2021. Implementation of this program remains subject to the approval and availability of U.S. government fiscal year 2021 (FY2021) funds.

PAS awards a limited number of grants to individuals, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, and other civil society entities that further the Embassy’s policy goals and strengthen relations between the American and Nigerian peoples. PAS will prioritize grant program proposals that:

  • Promote Nigeria’s democratic governance, unity and stability by improving government transparency and accountability, the rule of law, civil society capacity and engagement;
  • Strengthen human capital to promote inclusive economic growth and development via entrepreneurial initiatives, STEM education, women’s empowerment, and cultural exchange;
  • Protect against security threats and foster peace and stability through measures to counter violent extremism, mitigate rural violence, and encourage peaceful dialogue and non-violent conflict resolution;
  • Improve and expand English language learning through curricular development and teacher training, in partnership with U.S. education institutions where possible. 

Worth of Award

  • The large majority of successful proposals will be supported via a grant instrument.
  • In rare instances, a Cooperative Agreement may be used in cases requiring a higher level of involvement from PAS staff in managing the award.
  • The PAS Abuja grants management team will provide further information regarding Cooperative Agreements as needed.
  • Award amounts: awards may range from a minimum of $1,000 to a maximum of $500,000


PAS encourages applications from individuals or organizations located in Nigeria, the United States, or abroad including:

  • Not-for-profit and civil society/non-governmental organizations with at least two years of programming experience and with evidence of required registrations;
  • Individuals with two years of not-for-profit, project management, or education experience; and,
  • Registered educational institutions.
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PAS encourages applicants to provide cost-sharing from additional sources in support of projects, but this is not a mandatory requirement. 

How to Apply

  • Proposals should be submitted online to U.S. Embassy Abuja at the following email address:  [email protected]
  • Applications and all supporting documents are accepted in English only.
  • While budget figures may be calculated in naira before converting to U.S. dollars, final budget figures must be stated in U.S. dollars as this is the currency in which awards are made irrespective of the exchange rate in effect at the time of the award.
  • Applicants must submit a full project description, including a detailed narrative that outlines the plan of action, describes the scope of the proposed work, and a timeframe including key benchmarks within which the work will be accomplished.
  • The narrative should be submitted using the template of the application form provided and must be accompanied by a detailed budget that clearly indicates all program costs, including the individual applicant’s or organization’s cost-share and/or in-kind participation if applicable.

In addition to the project proposal, applicants must also complete and submit:

  • Unique Identity Identifier [Currently the DUN and Bradstreet Universal Numbering System (aka DUNS Number), unless the applicant has an exemption]: DUNS Number assignment is free for organizations required to register with the federal government for grants.  Begin the process here:
  • Active registration in the U.S. government’s “System for Award Management” (aka SAM): To register please to
  • NOTE: Individual applicants are exempt from the DUNS and SAM requirements, which apply only to organizational applicants.
  • Standard Form 424 (SF-424) – Federal Assistance Application (for organization or individual as appropriate)
  • SF-424A – Budget Information for Non-Construction Programs
  • Project proposal
  • Budget document on the template provided including a narrative (as needed)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (included in the application form)
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PAS will not consider individual or organizational proposals that do not meet the aforementioned mandatory requirements.

Deadline: Application closes August 1, 2021.


Click here for more details and to apply(PDF)