Postdoctoral Position in Big Data and Sustainable Supply Chain Management in Sweden 2021

Stockholm School of Economics(SSE) offers a Postdoctoral Position in Big Data and Sustainable Supply Chain Management in 2021.

Project Details:

The research domain of the position is at the intersection of Big Data and Sustainable Supply Chain Management. Central to the position is a close collaboration with industry, based on a relationship with a technology start-up providing Supplier Relationship Management SaaS software. Currently, the software collects data at the supplier level, supporting work with suppliers’ sustainability. This includes gathering data on supplier characteristics, e.g. information on possible sanctions, compliance levels and environmental management practices. This information can be complemented with factory visits and audits. In addition, data on outcomes such as product performance, on time delivery, energy consumption or work-place accidents can be gathered, creating an all-round view of how suppliers’ sustainability rating. The essence is to collect data at the supplier level.

The next generation of the software will enable collecting product-level data or product metadata. Product metadata is data about the conditions surrounding how a particular product is made, for instance information on resource consumption, CO2 footprint and labor conditions. The important difference is that the data is at the product level, resulting in massive amounts of data being generated. Using this data, the buying company may use data analytics techniques to generate meaning from the data, meaning which may be translated into actions to improve sustainability performance. Product metadata is thus an example of an application of big data in supply chains. The focus of the position is on how the use of product metadata may support developing sustainable supply chains.

As the ability of the software to collect product metadata is currently being developed, the position will provide the opportunity to, in real time, study the adoption and use of product metadata to support work with developing sustainable supply chains. Together with the start-up, companies that use product metadata to support developing sustainable supply chains will be identified. The intention is to study these companies and their suppliers, across different tiers, as they work with adopting product metadata as part of impacting sustainability performance and driving innovation in their supplier relationships.

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Worth of Award

  • Salaries are competitive, commensurate with qualifications and experience and are set on an individual basis.


  • have a PhD (or are close to completion) in operations and supply chain management or related disciplines.
  • Candidates should have a clear research interest and track record in sustainability, preferably sustainable supply chain management, ideally combined with an interest in or experience of research into big data analytics.
  • Candidates are expected to possess strong conceptual and analytical skills, preferably with experience of using both qualitative and quantitative methods and have a commitment to research excellence.
  • The successful applicant will also be expected to be able to manage time, resources, data, and details of multiple tasks.
  • The successful postdoctoral researcher will join a team led by Professor Pär Åhlström. The project is a collaboration with the Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets (Misum), an interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder research environment at the Stockholm School of Economics, with a mission to develop internationally recognised and cutting-edge research for diverse stakeholder groups on transitioning markets towards sustainable development.
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How to Apply

To apply, please submit:

  • A cover letter articulating the candidate’s qualifications and fit with the position, including research interests and a brief statement of research plans.
  • A curriculum vitae (including previous and present employment and academic background).
  • A separate document listing both published articles (if any), articles submitted to journals and working papers (with status indication). Papers enclosed with the application should be marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Copies of representative research (in pdf format).
  • Degrees and diplomas, certificates, or other documents.
  • Names and contact information for three persons willing to provide references.

Deadline: Your application must be received by April 30, 2021


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