Graduates produced by Nigerian polytechnics are far more educationally sound than those produced by the universities, even as the federal government is busy placing more priority on universities, while almost neglecting polytechnics, the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Polytechnics (SSANIP) has claimed.
Speaking at the flag-off of the NEEDS assessment/verification exercise of public polytechnics at the Kaduna Polytechnic over the weekend, Chairman of SSANIP, Ibrahim Abubakar, said the NEEDS committee came later than expected. He noted that the federal government ought to have taken the issue alongside that of universities, knowing that the problem is synonymous with that of the universities, an example of polytechnic’s complaint of dichotomy.
He urged the committee to look into the issues of dichotomy and the institution’s sporting complex, he noted that polytechnic graduates are usually discriminated against in employment issues.
Chairman of ASUP in Kaduna Polytechnic, Mustapha Bida said; “we need to address the issue of security, health, safety and environmental issues because many polytechnics have poor landscaping and lack adequate road networking while the recreational facilities are almost zero”.
Chairperson of the Presidential Committee, who is also a Director in the Federal Ministry of Education, Hajiya Fatima Ahmed, pointed out that the federal government is determined to address the needs of public polytechnics in the country.
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