Fully Funded #DATA4COVID19 AFRICA CHALLENGE in Paris 2021

Applications for the #DATA4COVID19 AFRICA CHALLENGE in New York 2021 are currently being accepted.

From now through February 5,  2021, l’Agence française de développement (AFD), together with Expertise France and The GovLab, is soliciting innovative proposals (re)using data in a collaborative and responsible way to provide actionable intelligence for decision-makers and people to respond to COVID-19 and future pandemic challenges across Africa.

AFD, together with Expertise France and The GovLab, is seeking ideas and proposals that (re)use data to provide actionable insight on COVID-19 along the following domains:


  • Tracking Disease Spread
  • Developing Disease Treatment
  • Identifying the Availability of Supplies
  • Monitoring Adherence to Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions


  • Supporting Post-Pandemic Re-openings and Recovery
  • Alleviating Pandemic-related Unemployment and Poverty
  • Guaranteeing Protections for Workers
  • Supporting Education and Upskilling
  • Fostering Business and Government Solvency


  • Understanding Public Perceptions and Behaviour
  • Protecting Human Rights and Promoting Accountability
  • Addressing Misinformation

Across these domains they are looking for innovative projects and data collaboratives that provide one or more of the following types of insight:


Initiatives that leverage data to enable stakeholders across sectors to better understand COVID-19 trends and geographic distribution.


Initiatives that can help stakeholders better understand the key drivers and consequences of COVID-19. They aim to establish which variables make a difference for a problem and whether further issues might be caused.


Initiatives that leverage data to enable new predictive capabilities and allow stakeholders to assess future risks, needs, and opportunities.


Initiatives that determine which, whether, and how various interventions meet certain objectives, including the Sustainable Development Goals. They can also seek to understand impediments to certain objectives or the success of particular interventions.

Worth of Award

The call for the #DATA4COVID19 AFRICA CHALLENGE offers recipients a contribution between 50-100K in funding and about 7 -10 projects are expected to receive awards.


To be eligible for a grant, the applicant must apply in English or French and must:

  • Be a legal person (legal entity) or a grouping of such persons (consortium) within the limit of 3 legal persons per grouping;
  • The lead partner of the consortium must be established in one of the African Union countries;
  • International organisations and trust funds are excluded;
  • Have a bank account in the name of the entity;
  • Each member of the consortium must be registered within the Trade and Companies Registry of its country;
  • Be directly responsible for the preparation and implementation of the action and not act as an intermediary. Subcontracting is not allowed;
  • The lead partner’s average cumulative annual turnover over the last two years for which the accounts have been closed must be at least three times the grant application;
  • The general liquidity ratios (current assets/current liabilities) for the last two financial years closed must be at least 1 (one). In the case of a consortium, this criterion must be met by each of its members.

The supporting documents requested in this phase are as follows:

  • The statutes or articles of association of each partner;
  • For each member an extract of registration in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) (less than 3 months);
  • A document specifying the name and function of the legal representative of the entity;
  • A document delegating power of attorney by each member of the partnership to its lead partner.

Where these documents are not provided in English or French, a translation of these documents must be attached for the analysis of the application.

How to Apply

Applications for the #DATA4COVID19 AFRICA CHALLENGE should include:

  • A clear problem definition and formulation of question(s) that, when answered, would provide new, actionable insight related to COVID-19 and its impact.
  • Timeline: Given the urgency to develop insights that can help the COVID-19 response through data, proposals that can produce rapid, yet rigorous, insights through existing relationships and collaborations with important data holders and other stakeholders will be prioritized. The challenge is not intended to support projects that rely heavily on the generation or collection of new data.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: The Challenge is targeted at supporting inter-organizational and inter-sectoral data collaborations to address various consequences of COVID-19 in Africa. Applications should clearly describe how different parties will contribute to the data collaborative by, for instance, providing functional access to data, conducting analysis, translating insight into action, or providing operational support.
  • Demonstration of:
    • Access to the relevant datasets needed. Specifically, nontraditional databases (e.g. databases not derived solely from statistical agencies) and databases that are broadly accessible and reliable will be looked into.
    • Significant professional experience in the use of data analysis to answer complex questions;
    • Relationship with recognized organizations operating in Africa that are capable of and committed to act upon the insight generated, such as government or a locally based civil society group;
    • Strong and well-documented data responsibility and ethical standards;
    • Cost efficiency of the approach (as opposed to other ways to generate insight).
  • A commitment that the project proposal has not been submitted for grant funding elsewhere and has not received funding from other sources.

Deadline: February 5, 2021.


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