Tutor.NG is an online tutoring platform that provides resources for engaging and teaching learners anytime, anywhere. This innovation is a step in the right direction as the standard of education is currently below expectation, now; there are no more hassles as to learning because many people are internet compliant these days.
The program provides a robust system that gives everything users need to take their teaching online and the ability to transform any environment into a learning space. The features of the platform include; White board, live video sessions, live session recording, real-time virtual classrooms, content creation (PowerPoint, PDF, Document, videos) and a payment system that helps users monetize their content.
The system also allows collaboration from different locations; multiple teachers can log in, schedule and deliver online classes in real time to unlimited number of students across the world on their personalized e-learning space.
According to Peter Ogedengbe, co-founder, “we are extremely excited to launch this platform, online tutoring solves the problem of learning beyond the classrooms and also creates employment where smart and versatile graduates can become self-employed by teaching online and making a living for themselves. Also, with the increase in internet availability and affordable computer/mobile devices, students and teachers can now do more meaningful things with their data packages.”
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