Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for Masters in Development Studies in Europe 2022

The Europeans Union offers Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for the Master of Science in Development Studies in the 2022/23 academic session.

GLODEP is a two-year joint master program in development studies, with an economic grounding and multidisciplinary perspective. GLODEP has a fixed structure: first semester at Palacky University (Olomouc, Czech Republic), second semester at the University Clermont Auvergne (Clermont-Ferrand, France) and third semester at the University of Pavia (Pavia, Italy). The fourth semester is dedicated to an internship or research stay, preferably with a number of associated partners of the consortium; and to thesis writing.

The aim of GLODEP is to prepare professionals in the field of international development. GLODEP provides the students with comprehensive knowledge and skills to analyze development issues and to design and promote development policies at national, regional and international levels. GLODEP links the areas of development studies and development economics, offering insights from economics and other fields, such as geography, environmental studies, and political science.

The program provides the students with an opportunity to obtain:

  • multi-disciplinary knowledge of development issues, grounded in development studies and development economics;
  • ability to analyze development problems and to design and promote development policies and projects for the specific context of a developing area or a sector;
  • ability to work in an international environment and in multi- and inter-disciplinary teams, and communicate to a non-expert audience.

Worth of Award

The EMJMD student scholarships will include student participation costs (including the consortium fees and full insurance coverage), a contribution to student travel and installation cost and a subsistence allowance for the entire duration of the EMJMD study programme. Details on the EMJMD student scholarship amounts are given below:

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Contribution to the participation costs

  • 8 500 EUR per year per scholarship holder from a Partner Country
  • 4 250 EUR per year per scholarship holder from a Programme Country

Contribution to travel and installation costs

  • 1 000 EUR per year per scholarship holder resident in a Programme Country for travel costs.
  • 2 000 EUR per year for travel costs + 1 000 EUR for installation costs for a scholarship holder, resident in a Partner Country less than 4000 km from the EMJMD coordinating HEI.
  • 3 000 EUR per year for travel costs + 1 000 EUR for installation costs for a scholarship holder, resident in a Partner Country 4 000 km or more from the EMJMD coordinating HEI.

Contribution to the subsistence costs

  • 1 000 EUR per month for the entire duration of the EMJMD study programme (24 months maximum). Contribution to subsistence costs will not be given to the scholarship holders for the EMJMD periods (study/research/placement/thesis preparation) spent in their country of residence, nor to scholarship holders from a Partner Country for the EMJMD periods exceeding one trimester (i.e. 3 months or the equivalent of 15 ECTS credits) spent in any Partner Country.


  • While the program is open to applicants from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, knowledge, and experience, a suitable applicant typically has:
  • excellent academic results in relevant degree (e.g. development studies, economics, geography, international relations, and sociology);
  • strong interest in international development with aspirations to work in the area related to development policy;
  • very good command of English.
  • As the program is highly competitive (every year they received several hundred applications), please consider whether your profile fits into the above characteristics before you apply.
  • The Admission Committee looks at the overall profile of the applicant, so a degree in a less relevant discipline may be good enough if you have excelled in development courses and your extra-curricular activities or working experience are clearly linked to development.
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How to Apply

To apply, fill in the Online Application Form and attach the required documents. Once you register in the system, open the application and fill in your personal data. You will get to Creating Applications where you choose:

  • Go to the Catalog
  • Follow-up Master´s
  • Faculty: Faculty of Science
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Choose a study program: Development Studies and Foresight – specialization in Global Development Policy


Deadline: Application deadline for candidates applying for an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship is January 31, 2022.


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