A padfone.   Source: geeky-gadgets.com
A padfone. Source: geeky-gadgets.com

Ever heard of the Padfone? According to Nigerian Vanguard, ASUS has developed a product which uses the smartphone technology to drive the tablet market, which it calls Padfone. The product has a smartphone and a tablet fused together to deliver to deliver a double experience in a single unit.

This is an alternative route as there has been a decline in the PC market worldwide. The Padfone gives a broader view of the apps and applications on the gadget and can be used to deliver the tablet experience.

ASUS is expressing confidence that with innovation at its disposal, there is always a way to fly when others are cramping. The company’s Regional Director in charge of System Business Group for Turkey, Israel and Africa, Mr Shawn Chang, who visited Nigeria recently, recounted how innovation has seen ASUS raise head from the waters when others are sinking.

In his words; “In the past 24 years, we have delivered almost 420 million motherboards across the world for manufacture of computers. That makes us available in every 3 computer laptops in the world with 7 per cent market share. This is just behind Samsung and Apple, we are known for innovations and have not deviated from that since we started operations. We are currently the third computer manufacturers in the world and we are not satisfied yet, because we aim to be number one.”

He highlighted that the company is doing a lot of business in Nigeria, Tunisia, Morocco, South Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia. But to expand their footprint, this year, they hope to move into Algeria, Libya, Uganda, Tanzania, Angola and Algeria among others.  So watch out for them!

Padfone was launched in CES event in the USA early January.

PC manufacturers are looking for a means to remain relevant; there was a 7percent drop in worldwide PC sales from the previous year during the last quarter of 2013. Big brands like HP, Lenovo, and Samsung amongst others have at one time or the other, watched their market shares nosedive with severe consequences.

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