The Department of Art and Archaeology, University of London invites applications from students of any nationality in need of bursary to fund the completion of their Phd thesis. The 2014  bursary is created in recognition of the work of Dr Aida Sulayman Arif, an eminent archaeologist who completed her PhD at SOAS in 1960.
To celebrate Dr Arif’s invaluable contribution in the fields of art, archaeology and heritage, this bursary has been created to help one final-year PhD student of Art and Archaeology at SOAS fund the completion of his or her studies.
Worth of Award

  • The Bursary will be awarded by way of a £2,600 installment at the beginning of the first semester, a £2,600 installment at the start of the second semester and lastly an £800 bonus that will be awarded on completion – provided that the award holder finishes his or her thesis before the end of that academic year.
  • Additionally the bursary will also include a partial remission of fees, set at 20% of the continuation fees.


  • PhD degrees at the Department of History of Art & Archaeology
  • Preference will be given to those students writing their dissertations in the field of Art & Archaeology of the Near and Middle East.
  • Students of the Art and Archaeology of other regions and cultures will still be eligible to apply and may be awarded the Bursary in such circumstances when the applications of those candidates studying Art & Archaeology of the Near and Middle East are not deemed strong enough to merit the Bursary.
  • Applicants may be of any nationality and in need of the bursary to fund the completion of their thesis.
  • The bursary is for full-time or part-time PhD students who will submit the thesis before the end of the academic session 2014/15.
  • It is expected that the student who gets awarded this bursary will be enrolled on Extension of Writing up (continuation) status during the academic session 2014/15.
  • Students on Extension of Writing-up status are required to submit the thesis for examination within a maximum of three terms or within the students prescribed SOAS deadline (whichever is sooner).

How to Apply

  • Candidates will be assessed primarily on academic merit.  Financial need will also be taken into consideration.
  •  Selection will be made by a Selection Panel consisting of three academic members of the Department of Art & Archaeology: the Head of Department, a research tutor and one other person as nominated by the Head of Department.

Deadline: Applications must be received no later than 17:00 (UK local time) on April 24, 2014.

Click here for details and to apply online