Jomo Kenyatta UniversityThe Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology in Kenya has produced two innovators of a biometric system to be used for computing of land registration and ownership records. Robert Ouko and Jennifer Mwai are both Undergraduate students of Information and Communication Technology.

Ouko has said that he came up with the biometric system in order to solve the rampant land ownership problems in Kenya, as it is a great resource to man.

According to The Star, the digital application makes it possible to use a land owner’s eyes, fingerprints and image details to store information, thus making land theft impossible. The software which has already been patented under the Kenya Industrial Property Institute is online-based on cloud computing, and data availability and accessibility is guaranteed regardless of a person’s location.


This is indeed a welcome development for Kenya and Africa given the fact that there are numerous cases of land disputes all around the continent, which sometimes contribute immensely to violent conflicts. This giant stride by Ouko and Mwai is a challenge to all students and prospective students to dig deep into the recesses of their courses of study and thinking faculties to bring about ways to solve prevalent issues in our society.

After all Education is lost on us all if we fail to use what we have learned to develop ourselves and the world at large.

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