“I know that now, some of you are going back to your employers but others are going to join the labour market queue, some fields in the market are saturated. Do not sit and wait, use your knowledge and skills to create employment,” said Amb. Seif Ali Iddi, the Zanzibar VP during the University College of Education Graduation ceremony at the Chukwani area in Tanzania.
According to the Tanzania Daily News (Dar es Salaam), the VP made an appeal to higher learning institutions in the country, to impart entrepreneurial skills to students in order to reduce unemployment problems in the country.
Though this appeal was made in Tanzania, we can all agree that unemployment is a problem facing the African continent as a whole, and many students graduate with hardly any white collar jobs available for them.
Some institutions have already instituted entrepreneurship courses for students while in school so they could develop the necessary skills to provide for themselves after graduation. But we also know many schools are lagging behind in this duty.  How would you rate the efforts in your school to prepare students for entrepreneurship after graduation? For those of you who already have entrepreneurship courses in their schools, are they relevant and effective?
Wait, would you like the introduction of entrepreneurship in schools or do you believe firmly in training for a white collar  job? We want to hear from you. Comment in on our Facebook page