Music-Tech Innovation Challenge in the Nigerian Music Industry 2020

MusicTechSpace in conjunction with CcHUB is inviting applications for the “Music – Tech Innovation Challenge in 2020

The aim of this challenge is to identify & develop innovative solutions across four opportunity verticals in the Nigerian music industry to make processes more efficient. These four opportunity areas include:

  • Legal advisory for artists
  • Digitization of label operations
  • Artist Management
  • Event Management

The overall goal is to find disruptive, market-ready solutions that can be deployed by stakeholders in the music industry.

With over 50 years combined experience in the Nigerian Music Industry, their key experts will play a key role in shortlisting, selection and adoption of the solutions that will be born out of this challenge. They will also be holding virtual ideation workshops to provide more context for prospective applicants to the challenge. If you missed them, you can find recordings of all the workshops on their website.

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Worth of Award

  • The winning teams will receive technical support to build out their products as well as access to market/potential clients.
  • There will be the possibility of funding for exceptional teams that demonstrate potential to scale through direct funding from CcHUB.


  • They invite entries from technology startups or teams across Nigeria with the skills and expertise required to build out their solutions.
  • You can submit ideas, working prototypes or market-ready/launched solutions.

Solutions will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated competency of the team
  • The potential impact of the solution
  • The probability of their implementation

How to Apply

  • Please click on the link below for more details on applying online
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Deadline: Apply by October 16, 2020.


Click here for more details and to apply