The West African Research Association offers residencies for West African Scholars to visit WARA member institutions. Each residency will last 4 to 8 weeks and will provide the visiting scholar with opportunities for library research, guest lecturing or teaching, and/or collaborative work with American colleagues.
Worth of Award

  • WARA will pay the round-trip travel costs of the selected scholar as well as a stipend of $3,500 to help cover meals and local transportation costs.
  •  Host institutions are expected to provide additional support (e.g. housing, conference participation) for the period of the residency.
  •  Upon completion of their visit, WARA Resident Scholars and their host institution must to submit a detailed report of their work and findings. This report will subsequently be published in the semi-annual WARA newsletter


  • Applications can only be made by WARA member institutions for the purpose of bringing a specific scholar to their campus
  •  only scholars who are eligible for non-immigrant visas to the U.S. will be considered

How to apply
The online application, available through the WARA website after November 1, 2013, will include

  • an abstract clearly outlining the purpose of the Residency, proposed activities, and how the Residency will contribute to the goals of WARA
  • a letter of support from a relevant administrator (dean, department chair, etc.) at the host institution
  • the name and contact information for the sponsoring faculty at the WARA host institution
  • the full name, institutional affiliation, and CV of the proposed resident
  • a statement of interest from the visiting scholar, his or her proposed residency activities
  •  a listing of the support that the host institution is prepared to contribute
  •  In addition, applicants must provide proof of citizenship in the form of a copy of the scholar’s passport

Deadline:  All application materials must be submitted online no later than February 1, 2014. Late applications will not be considered.
For further inquiries send mail to:  [email protected]
Click here for details and to apply online