Applications are now being invited for the 2014 Global Health Corps fellows which are awarded to motivated, intelligent professionals who believe that health is a human right.
Fellows come from diverse backgrounds, and vary in educational experience, professional expertise, and personal story. Whether they have a background in management, education, research, technology or another field, each fellow brings a unique perspective to their Placement Organization and the GHC community.
Fellows are expected to create meaningful impact on their Placement Organization during the fellowship year, while developing leadership skills and relationships within a supportive community that will prepare them for deepened impact on global health over the course of their careers.
Fellows are expected to be agents of change who:

  • Are committed to social justice: GHC leaders believe that all human beings deserve to be treated with dignity, and that healthcare is a human right. Fellows share a vision for a better world and are committed to creating transformative change.
  •  Collaborate: GHC leaders appreciate the interconnected roots of global health inequities, and seek opportunities to collaborate across disciplines and backgrounds in pursuit of social change.
  •  Inspire and mobilize others:GHC leaders can envision a just society and paint a compelling picture for others.  They communicate complex concepts clearly and seek opportunities to use their personal stories as tools to engage others in the movement for health equity
  •  Adapt and innovate: Fellows can weather adversity and remain committed to their goals. They see challenges and uncertainty as opportunities to create new solutions to old problems.They think outside the box.
  •  Are self-aware and committed to learning: Fellows understand that their development as leaders, practitioners and humans is a life-long process that requires humility, continual reflection andwork.

Worth of Award

  • Financial: GHC fellows are provided with living stipends, housing, health insurance, work expenses, and all travel required for fellowship participation. Fellows are also eligible to receive up to $600 in professional development funds. In addition to covering these expenses, all fellows receive a completion award of $1500 at the end of the fellowship. (Note: The completion award and professional development fund may be disbursed in USD or local currency.)
  • GHC has also created an accompaniment program designed to provide emotional, spiritual, and mentor support for fellows particularly in their efforts to develop deeper awareness of self and others.
  • Through the Global Health Corps Accompaniment Program, fellows have the opportunity to engage in private dialogue with a trusted, neutral person, to seek assistance in learning or practicing methods of self-care while engaged in service, and to find help in working through relationships with team members, family members, or colleagues during the fellowship year.
  • Through lectures, small group, and individual reflection time, fellows are asked to challenge themselves to further develop their thinking and regard for these important competency areas.

Eligible Countries
Applicants are to click on the countries below to see if they are eligible.

  • Burundian
  • Malawian
  • Rwandan
  • Ugandan
  • American
  • Other (They accept many countries. Please contact them if you are in doubt)

To be selected as a Global Health Corps fellow applicant must:

  • Be 30 or under at the start of the fellowship
  • Have an undergraduate university degree by July 2014
  • Be proficient in English

How to Apply

  • Applications for the 2014-2015 fellowship are NOW OPEN.
  • You can create an account and upload relevant documents on their website

Success Tips

  • We advise you to review the application questions and prepare the answers before you start the online application. Here is the link.

Deadline: Application closes on January 26, 2014
For details of this fellowship and to apply online, click here.