The 2014 Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative (CYFI) is open to all citizens and permanent residents of Nigeria currently residing in Lagos.
The US Consulate in Lagos looks forward to accepting applications from candidates who have the following skills:

  • Passion: You are committed to making a significant contribution to your community and country
  • Skill & Experience: You have a unique set of skills and experiences that you can use to make an impact
  • Strategic Thinking: You are excited about the opportunity to launch an innovative CYFI project. You know how to design a project that is based on sound research, uses resources creatively, builds or improves on existing systems, and leverages partnerships with complimentary organizations
  • Vision: You know the area of social change in which you would like to work, and you can articulate the positive change that you would like to make

Worth of Award

  • Stipend to cover transport allowance
  • Applicants should not that the fellowship do not cover accommodation bill, therefore candidates are expected to reside in Lagos.


  • Application is open to Nigerians resident in Lagos only

How to apply
Applicants must decide if they are to apply as

  • Individual or Group.

There is no advantage to applying one way or the other.

Individual Applicants

  • Individual applicants will complete both the standard online application form below and the “Hypothetical Scenario Essay.”
  • The purpose of the Hypothetical Scenario Essay is to judge the individual applicants’ ability to develop an innovative and impactful project plan.
  • Plan of action in a logical, step-by-step manner. Individual applicants will not carry out the projects outlined in this essay; it is only an exercise to measure fellows’ attitude.
  • Individual applicants who are selected for the fellowship will be grouped into teams based on their interests as expressed in the written application and interview.
    Individual applicants do not have to provide a response to the 2014 Group Project Proposal Template.
  • Design a project using the criteria and template below that provides an innovative solution to an issue facing your community, state or country.
    Budget: N400,000
    Additional Resources: U.S. Consulate can introduce you to potential partners who can provide venues, materials, training and other types of support, but it’s up to you to close the deals
    Timeline: 1 year (but you can of course continue the project after the year is completed)
    Location: Lagos
    Team Size: 2-3 members

Group Application

Group applicants do not have to answer the 2014 Hypothetical Scenario Proposal Template.
Apply Online
Individual Applicants

  • Select “Individual” as your application category. Hit the “Next” button
  • Answer the individual application questions
  • Click the “2014 Hypothetical Scenario Proposal Template” to download the hypothetical scenario word document. Follow the instructions and submit your response on the last page of the CYFI application.

Note: The hypothetical scenario takes a long time to complete. You should work on it before you start the rest of your application.
Group Applicants

  • Each member of your group will select “group” as his or her application category. Hit the “Next” button
  • Each member of your group will provide individualized answers to the standard online application form.
  • Click the “2014 Group Project Proposal Template” to download the group project proposal. Follow the instructions and upload your group’s proposal on the last page of the CYFI application.

Note: The hypothetical scenario takes a long time to complete. Your group should work on it before each team member submits a personalized online application.
Interview: Following the submission of written applications, the CYFI Board of Directors will schedule interviews at the U.S. Consulate General in Lagos with a limited number of individual and group applicants. The Board will select the 2014 fellows from the individuals that are interviewed.
Deadline: Application closes on January 3, 2014
For details of this Fellowship and to apply online, click here: