The National Research Council, Canada, invites promising scientists and engineers to apply for the 2014/15 Research Associate Program which endues them with the opportunity to work in a challenging research environment during the early stages of their career. Applicants will be selected competitively and must demonstrate the ability to perform original, high-quality research in their chosen field.
Research Associates will be offered appointments to the staff of the National Research Council on a term basis and will be offered salaries and benefits currently available to Research Officers. The initial appointment will normally be for a two-year term, subject to the Associate’s performance and subject to the requirements of NRC, appointments may be extended. The maximum period of employment as an Associate is five (5) years.
Worth of Awards

  • Research Associates will be offered appointments to the staff of the National Research Council on a term basis and will be offered salaries and benefits currently available to Research Officers.
  • Salaries commensurate with experience are taxable and subject to other deductions. As a guide, the current annual Ph.D. recruiting rate is $52,157 (plus allowance of $8,000) CAN.
  • The salary is payable from the day the Associate reports to the laboratory until his/her last working day.
  • The first salary cheque is usually available two to four weeks after arrival. Thereafter, further salary cheques are issued every two weeks.
  • Certain obligatory deductions are made from the salary of all members of NRC’s scientific staff. Such deductions from your salary will be made for income tax, hospital, medical and other forms of insurance (Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, Disability Insurance) as well as for Union dues.
  • Research Associates are also required to contribute to the Public Service Superannuation Plan, but these contributions are refunded following completion of the Associateship unless the individual undertakes further employment in the Canadian Public Service.
  •  Please note, however, that such refunds generally take several weeks. None of the other deductions or premiums are refundable.


  • You are eligible for the Research Associate Program if you possess a Ph.D. in natural science or engineering or a Master’s degree in an engineering field earned within the last five years, or you expect to obtain the degree within six months.
  • You must have a demonstrated ability to perform original high-quality research in your chosen field. This will be the main criterion used in selecting candidates and in considering extensions of their term.
  • Although preference will be given to Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents, Associateships are open to nationals of all countries.
  • The offer of an Associateship does not ensure foreign nationals Permanent Residency in Canada. Non-Canadian candidates should apply for non-immigrant status (i.e. temporary status) and an employment visa.
  • Reporting date: Research Associates are reminded that all requirements for their Ph.D. (or Master’s) degree including submission and oral defence of their thesis must be completed before taking up this appointment, or within 6 months from the date of the appointment. A statement from the university confirming this must be provided.
  • The appointment may be taken up at any time within the calendar year in which the offer is made.
  • Associates taking up positions in Ottawa should report to the institute’s Administrative Officer. Associates taking up positions other than in Ottawa should report to their supervisors upon arrival.

For further information, please contact the closest Canadian High Commission, Embassy or Consulate in your area.
How to Apply

  • Complete all sections as the application form will be the basis for computerized retrieval. Incomplete applications cannot be considered further.
  • Education and experience: Have a close look at NRC’s list of fields (see link below).  You will have to select a field for your education and experience in the application form.
  • Résumé: Here are some suggestions on what to include in your résumé:
  • Details of education.
  • Complete details of your work experience or research experience including part-time experience as a research or teaching assistant. For example, the dates (year/months) – institution – job title – subject – supervisor.
  • Publications: theses by degree and all publications (refereed publications, in-press and submitted; reports; review of articles). Indicate main author, others, title, year, journal and page references.
  • Conferences at which you presented your work; please specify if the presentation was refereed.
  • Patents: title, patent number, date, country.
  • Honours and awards (title and dollar value).

Letters of recommendation: Please attach two letters of recommendation to your online application. It is your responsibility to inform the referees that, under the Canadian Privacy Act, all information, assessments, etc. provided to the National Research Council of Canada in connection with this application may be accessed by yourself provided you are a resident of Canada. These letters should address your strengths and weaknesses as well as the challenges you encountered in carrying out your research.

  • If you cannot attach your letters of recommendation letters directly to the application form, kindly ask your referees to send the recommendation letters via email to the following address : [email protected]

Employment equity: The employment equity section is voluntary. However, as an employer who values equity and diversity, we encourage candidates to self-identify.
Steps for applying:
In order to activate your application, the following documents are required and must be attached:

  • Résumé
  • Two letters of recommendation. (Note: An original signed letter may be requested.)
  • Most recent transcript (Academic Record / Grades). Please note that unofficial transcripts are acceptable; however if you are offered a position, you may be required to provide an official transcript.
  • Copy of your Ph.D. degree or your Masters degree (unless you are expecting to graduate within the next 6 months – in this case, please refer to the instructions on the online application).

Deadline: Applications are still open. Deadlines will be announced later.
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