Teesside University in the UK is inviting applications Sanctuary award for students seeking asylum in the 2021/2022 academic session.

Teesside University is committed to the economic, social and cultural success of our students and local communities. The University embraces diversity and opposes prejudice and injustice.

Each award application is considered by a panel of senior academic staff. Shortlisted candidates are invited to interview.


Worth of Award

  • The Sanctuary award covers your course fees and contributes towards your other study costs through a learning bursary, which is made up of two payments within each academic year.
  • The first is paid once you have enrolled on your course, and the second at the start of semester two.
  • In addition to covering your course fees, the Sanctuary award can help to cover your other study costs (including travel, IT equipment and books) in the form of a learning bursary up to a maximum of £600 a year, paid in two instalments in each academic year.


You may apply for a Teesside Sanctuary award if you meet the below criteria:

Your current status in the UK must fall into one of the below categories:

  • currently seeking asylum in the UK, or are a dependant, spouse or civil partner* of someone seeking asylum in the UK.
  • hold Limited Leave to Remain as a result of seeking asylum in the UK, or are the dependant, spouse or civil partner* of someone who has been granted Limited Leave to Remain as a result of seeking asylum in the UK or another form of temporary status

*Your spouse or civil partner must have been your spouse or civil partner on the date that your asylum application was made. Dependent children or step-children must have been aged 18 or under on the date that your asylum application was made.

You must be able to provide evidence that your asylum application is under consideration by the Home Office and provide up-to-date documentary evidence of your current permission, also showing that you have no restriction on your right to study in the UK (for example, Immigration Bail or other documents).

In addition to the above, you must meet all of the below criteria:

  • You have been offered a place (conditional or unconditional) on a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate course at Teesside University before applying for the Sanctuary award and before the scholarship application deadline date
  • You meet any required English language conditions as part of your course offer (you will be advised if you are required to take an English language test as a condition of your offer)
  • You are unable to access UK government student finance (tuition fee loans or maintenance loans/grants) by virtue of your immigration status
  • Your immigration history does not show that you have reached ‘appeal rights exhausted’ following an unsuccessful asylum claim (you will need to provide your written consent for us to contact UKVI to obtain a full immigration history)
  • You live within easy commuting distance of Teesside University
  • You do not require support for living expenses or accommodation.

Note: The above criteria is subject to change at any time, in line with any relevant Home Office changes.

If successful, the Teesside Sanctuary award is payable in each standard academic year of your course. This is unless, as a result of an asylum application, you (or your spouse or civil partner) are granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK (or another form of permanent leave). If this happens, you must inform the University and the award will cease from the start of the next academic year when you would be expected to apply for student finance instead.

How to Apply

  • Complete and follow the instructions on the application form.

Deadline: The deadline to apply for this award is Friday, April 30, 2021.


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