The Institute of Physics at the University of Amsterdam is offering 3 PhD positions In Experimental Quantum Physics in the 2020/21 academic session.

Project details:

ESR1 – Compact atomic sources and beams for steady-state superradiant lasers 
Steady-state atomic beam sources are crucial to realizing superradiant clocks and beneficial for quantum sensing with ultracold atoms in general. They have developed a continuous beam of ultracold atoms of unprecedented brightness and phase-space density and can create steady-state Bose-Einstein condensates. This continuous source of atoms is one of the foundations of our attempts to develop continuous superradiant clocks within iqClock.

ESR2 – Precision laser stabilization and locking 
The core of ESR2’s project is to develop an ultrastable laser and use it for research. ERS2 will build an ultrastable, high-finesse cavity and lock a laser to it such that it has a linewidth well below 1 Hz. Light will be sent from this laser through phase-stabilized fibre links to the superradiant clock we develop within iqClock and serve to characterize its precision. These characterizations will be used to identify precision limiting effects and to improve the clock. A further research opportunity is to use this laser for internal state control in our programmable quantum simulator. Another aspect of ESR2’s work will be the development of a scalable and simple system to lock all lasers required to operate a superradiant clock.

ESR3 – High finesse cavities for strong atom-light interaction 
High-finesse cavities loaded with ultra-cold atoms are a key to future applications harnessing strong atom-light interactions. These include superradiant optical clocks, sensors, quantum memories, quantum simulation and quantum information processing. As part of our goal of making a steady-state superradiant optical clock we are developing high finesse UHV vacuum cavities that can be loaded with ultracold strontium atoms. For steady-state operation we need to continuously and efficiently load atoms from the ultra-cold strontium beam developed by ESR1 into the cavity. Furthermore, the atoms in the cavity need to be held tightly by a magic wavelength lattice, which doesn’t shift the Sr clock frequency. ESR3 will work closely with the iqClock team on all these topics.

Worth of Award

  • The gross full-time monthly salary will be in accordance with the salary scales for PhD researchers at Dutch universities, scale P ranging from €2,325 to €2,972 gross per month.
  • Secondary benefits at Dutch universities are attractive and include 8% holiday pay and an 8.3% end-of-year bonus.


You hold a MSc. or equivalent in physics or a related field and are requested to motivate why you apply for the position and to supply a CV.

Other skills/experiences/documents that would benefit your application are:

  • previous experience in an optical, atomic or molecular physics lab;
  • working knowledge of a programming language (matlab, C++ or equivalent);
  • excellent English oral and written communication skills;
  • scientific publications.

To foster diversity in their research group, they will especially appreciate applications from excellent female candidates.

How to Apply

Do you recognize yourself in the job profile? Then they look forward to receiving your application.

You may apply using the link below. Your application must include:

  • a curriculum vitae;
  • a motivation letter that explains why you have chosen to apply for this specific position with a statement of your research experience and interests and how these relate to this project;
  • title and summary of your Master thesis.

Please make sure all your material is attached in only one pdf. The single pdf can be uploaded in the field marked CV in the application form. To accelerate the review of your application, please also send it to Florian Schreck per email.

They will consider applications as they are received with flexible starting dates, and the positions will remain open until five suitable candidates have been identified.

Deadline: The formal closing date is July 31, 2020.


Click here for more details and to apply

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