UNESCO Children’s Prize for Project Plan Saving Children’s Lives Under Five in 2021

UNESCO invites applications for the Children’s Prize for Project Plan Saving Children’s Lives Under Five in 2021.

Globally, 14,250 children under the age of five die every day, this is equivalent to about 10 deaths occurring every minute. This is unacceptable. The majority of these deaths can be attributed to treatable causes, infectious diseases, and neonatal complications.

The main killers of children under age five in 2018 included preterm birth complications (35%), intrapartum-related complications (24%), sepsis (15%), congenital abnormalities (11%), pneumonia/diarrhea/tetanus (7%). Almost half of all under five deaths are attributable to nutrition-related factors, while more than 80 percent of neonatal deaths occur among newborn infants of low birth weights in the highest-burden settings.

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Worth of Award

  • The winner of the UNESCO Children’s Prize will have the opportunity to enter into a $150,000 grant agreement to combat child mortality.


  • The competition is open to individuals and organizations globally.
  • The Prize administrators search for an impactful project that aligns with the Foundation’s goals, has a measured reduction in child mortality, and significant experience in the field.

How to Apply

All applications should be made online via the official website.

Deadline: Apply by July 30th, 2021.


Click here for more details and to apply