The Third Coast International Audio Festival invites entries for the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition in 2020.

The TC/RHDF Competition awards the best narrative audio stories produced across borders and languages, inviting producers from across the world to enter their best work from the past few years. At Third Coast, the Competition is an engine for our programming and community-building, and a snapshot of the world in audio. Since 2001, the Competition has celebrated masterful, experimental, groundbreaking, and radical works in audio storytelling, and has awarded over $300,000 in cash prizes to many of the most innovative makers of the past two decades.

This year they will award eleven winners in the following nine categories: Best Documentary (Gold, Silver, Bronze), Best Serialized Story, (NEW) Best Documentary: Short, Best New Artist, Best Documentary: Non-English Language, Impact, (NEW) Audio Unbound, Director’s Choice, and Best News Feature.

Worth of Award

The winners are celebrated across the audio industry, receive cash prizes up to $5,000, and are selected by a cohort of judges — all makers themselves — invited by Third Coast.


  • There are eight categories in the Competition, and a single entry may be eligible for more than one category at no additional charge.
  • The submission form will guide you through which category to enter. (Please keep in mind that Third Coast may move your entry to another eligible category without notifying you if they feel the entry will be more competitive in that category.)
  • Your entry must have been produced and available publicly for the first time on the radio, podcast, internet, or in a public setting (including but not limited to a theatre, gallery, museum, classroom, etc) between April 7, 2018, and May 25.
  • The only exception to this is for the Audio Unbound category: in its inaugural year, we are accepting entries that have been produced and available publicly for the first time between April 7, 2016, and May 25, 2020.

How to Apply

  • To enter your work, you’ll submit your audio, and additional information about the entry, with our entry form here.

Further instructions will be provided on the entry form itself, but in order to prep, make sure you’ve completed this entry checklist before submitting:


  • If applicable, please remove any host ledes or introductions; the audio portion of your entry should consist only of the actual story.
  • If applicable, please remove any ads before and in the middle of your entry. (Ads or promos that appear in the final credits are fine.)
  • Please export your audio file in the .mp3 format.


  • Prepare a text summary of the entry (125 words maximum)
  • Prepare a text summary of any content warnings for your piece (50 words maximum)
  • For Impact entries only: Prepare a Statement of Impact (500 words maximum)
  • For entries in primarily a non-English language: Prepare a bilingual transcript according to the guidelines in our FAQ.
  • For Audio Unbound entries only: please prepare an Unbound Statement (500 words maximum) and assemble any additional materials in addition to audio that go with your piece (images, etc.)


  • Be ready to make a payment for your entry. The entry form will prompt you for payment on the final page.

When you’re ready, click here to submit an entry to the 2020 TC/RHDF Competition. Each individual entry will require its own entry form submission. There is no limit to the number of entries a producer or organization can submit.

Deadline: Application closes May 25, 2020.


Click here for more details and to apply

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