The Africa Scholars Program is designed to create opportunities for gifted African musicians who lack the financial means to study at Berklee. In addition, the program is intended to enhance Berklee’s presence in Africa, and includes holding more auditions there, increasing awareness of Berklee among African musicians, and encouraging the already impressive roster of alumni from Africa to actively support this scholarship and the college.
Founded in 1945, Berklee College of Music is the world’s largest independent music college and the premier institution for the study of contemporary music. The college’s 4,200 students and over 500 faculty members interact in an environment designed to provide the most complete learning experience possible, including all the opportunities and challenges presented by a career in the contemporary music industry.

  • Qualified candidates must be citizens of an African country
  • Candidates currently living or studying abroad are also eligible, and may audition and interview at one of the many sites around the world
  • All candidates must participate in a live audition and interview for admission and scholarship consideration
  • Scholarship candidates must have a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent certification, and meet all admissions requirements for Berklee College of Music in order to redeem the award.

Candidates may prove citizenship in one of the following ways:

  1. If you reside in your country of origin, you may prove citizenship with a valid passport, birth certificate, or government ID.
  2. If you reside outside of your country of origin, you may prove citizenship with a valid passport and visa.

How to Apply

Berklee visits locations in Africa annually to provide talented musicians the opportunity to be considered for undergraduate admission. Through these events, the college seeks to identify candidates for full-time study and partial-tuition scholarships, including one qualified candidate for the Roger Brown and Linda Mason Africa Scholarship, which covers the cost of tuition and housing. Finalists for this award will be required to submit additional material for consideration.
If you have questions about auditions and interviews, please contact them by emailing [email protected] or calling (+1) 617-747-2579.
For more information, and to apply, visit their website by clicking here.