The Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, invites applications for bursaries and grants for its Postgraduate Studies for 2012.
Postgraduate studies in Sociology or Social Anthropology at Stellenbosch are creating a community of scholars who are critical, enthusiastic and supportive of each other.  Students experience their studies as demanding and also great fun. Stellenbosch students have a reputation for imaginative and creative research in a range of fields, with its graduates successful in the academic and non-academic world.
The department aims to break new ground in social theoretical inquiry in South Africa, and have particular strengths in qualitative and quantitative research methods. It encourages debate and innovation in interpreting and integrating these broad research traditions.
The following degrees will be offered for 2012:

  • BA Honours in Sociology or Social Anthropology;
  • MA in Sociology or Social Anthropology;
  • PhD in Sociology or Social Anthropology;
  • Postgraduate Diploma, MA &PhD in Social Science Methods.

Bursaries and Research Grants
BA Honours in Sociology or Social Anthropology:

BA Honours or MA in Social Anthropology:

  • 3 NRF bursaries R40 000 each: MA on issues relating to social movements, citizenship and human rights (Prof Steven Robins at [email protected])
  • 3 SANPAD bursaries R20 000 each: Hon/MA on issues relating to land, housing and environmental politics in rural and urban contexts (Prof Steven Robins at [email protected])
  • 1 bursary R10 000 (Hon) or R20 000 (MA) for research related to Afrikaans identity politics as expressed in popular culture and language (Prof Kees van der Waal at [email protected])
  • 1 bursary R10 000 (Hon) or R20 000 (MA) for research related to local development interventions and contestations in the Dwars River Valley (Stellenbosch) (Prof Kees van der Waal at [email protected])

MA in Sociology:

  • 1 NRF bursary R20 000 for research related to land claims and land restitution in South or Southern Africa, in rural and/or urban contexts (Prof Cherryl Walker at [email protected])
  • Research grant: R24 000. Urban Sociology: New Provincial Capitals in South Africa (Prof Simon Bekker at [email protected])
  • Research grant: R10 000. Social Protection/Social Assistance Grants (Jan Vorster at [email protected])
  • Research grant: R10 000. Armed Forces and Society (Prof Lindy Heinecken at [email protected])
  • Research grant: R5 000. Sociology as Field and Career in South Africa (Dr Lloyd Hill at [email protected])
  • Research grant: R5 000. Social Dimensions of Invasive Alien Species (Dr Heidi Prozesky at [email protected])

For more information, refer to
To apply, submit your application to [email protected].
Students are also invited to apply for other bursaries or loans from Stellenbosch University and for teaching and research assistant positions.
Deadline: October 31, 2011
For general information about applying, visit their website by clicking here.
For specific information about the scholarships, click link for either SP Cilliers Honours Bursary and General bursary and research grants.

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