VivaTech, in partnership with 50inTech offers the Female Founder Challenge to enable startups to pitch at the gathering in 2020. On June 11-13 2020, Viva Technology will bring together 13,000 startups with top worldwide investors, companies and tech leaders.

Today, only 3% of global venture capital funding is raised by female CEOs, or $1.5 billion out of $50.8 billion.

In Europe, 92% of venture capital investment goes to all-male founded startups. “Since last year, there is no material improvement in the share of capital invested in European tech companies going to diverse founding teams. In fact, funding for all women teams is actually slowing down”.

In France, startups founded by women are, on average, 30% less likely than those founded by men to be financed by the main venture capital funds. This gap increases with each round of funding: they are 40% less likely to access Series A, 80% less likely to access Series B and 100% less likely to access Series C!

To try and reverse this trend, VivaTech and 50inTech are joining forces to promote women-led startups and celebrate the top 3 that investors should consider regardless of their stage, Seed, Series A and Series B.

Worth of Award

  • Exclusive access to VCs during VivaTech’s side event “VC Night”
  • One-on-one appointments with VC partners during Office Hours
  • Join investors and business leaders during an exclusive dinner
  • Be highlighted on VivaTech’s and 50inTech’s VC database
  • Receive 4 free Startup passes for the 3 days of VivaTech
  • Get individual coaching sessions to master your stage presence
  • Pitch your solution in front of a jury of top VCs and investors
  • Benefit from a dedicated guided tour of the VivaTech exhibition halls to meet peers and influential executives
  • Be highlighted by their media partners
  • Get 1 free pass for the 2021 Maddy Keynote event in Paris (in French)
  • private meeting with their high-level VC jury
  • A feature storyline in the 50inTech podcast
  • A highlight by our media partners
  • One speaking spot at the 2020 Women’s Forum Global Meeting in Paris
  • startup booth at VivaTech 2021


  • Relevance, originality and innovation level of the tech solution compared to existing alternatives
  • Feasibility, realism and viability (technical, economic and environmental) of implementing the solution
  • Profile of the founder(s) and co-founder(s), ability to lead the project to success, hard and soft skills of the operational team
  • Demonstrated traction and product-market fit
  • The Female Founder Challenge is open to all female founders, co-founders, CEOs or Co-CEOs of a startup wishing to raise seed, Series A or Series B funds.
  • The second edition of the Challenge also remains open to all candidates from previous editions, with the exception of the winner of the 2019 Challenge.
  • The candidate must be a person (and not an organization) over the age of 18 who has participated in the incorporation of and/or is the legal representative of the company.

How to Apply

  • You can apply for this opportunity through the link on their websites.
  • The application must be written in English. It does not require the candidate to provide proof of residence or nationality.
  • The candidate startup does not need to be limited to a specific topic, industry or technological solution.
  • Any female founder, regardless of her company or location, can participate in the Challenge as long as she provides all of the necessary information so that the jury may correctly evaluate the application (see selection criteria).

Deadline: Applications close on March 27, 2020.


Click here for more details and to apply

Disclaimer: Due to the ongoing Corona Virus Pandemic Worldwide, the Organizers of Vivatech have postponed the event till further notice, more details would be announced soon. However, the application is still ongoing.

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