5 Skills that broaden International Students Career Opportunities

The job market is increasingly competitive because you need more than paper qualifications to land your dream job. Skills, hard and soft are the name of the game if you want to survive the competition. And since we’re invested in your success, we’re sharing the skills that broaden international students career opportunities.

They include but are not limited to

  • Network security analysis
  • Graphic design
  • Finance and marketing skills
  • Data mining and statistical analysis
  • Communication skills

How do these skills broaden international students career opportunities? Let’s find out.

1. Network Security Analysis

The Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts employment growth of 18% by 2024 for all Information Security Analysts, including Network Security Analysts. This means you’ll keep smiling to the bank while designing, implementing and maintaining computer and information security systems.

You’ll ensure that networks are protected from any and every form of security breach. In this digital era, companies, organizations, firms, businesses and even governments have classified information which needs protecting. Thus, this skill makes you highly sought after.

2. Graphic Design 

The world has gone so visual and digital that tons of blogs and websites pop up almost every day. This is good for you if you love graphic design because you can help blogs and websites maintain their originality. You’d also help them keep pulling traffic to their sites because of the exciting content and great visual appeal. This makes you most wanted.

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Without mincing words, other skills that broaden international students career opportunities include

3. Finance Management and Marketing Skills

From the biggest corporations and most viable industries to the smallest businesses and jobs, the common denominator is finance. Possessing finance management and marketing skills puts you ahead of the game. This is because your expertise will help organizations make wise decisions in the areas of accounting, budgeting, financial planning and cash flow management.

4. Data Mining and Statistical Analysis

This is a particularly interesting area of specialization because you can predict future behaviour through your analysis. This level of expertise can also be used to move more traffic and sales to your site just like Netflix. This is because you’ll discover what customers are interested in per time and what they’re looking to spend on. It’s a great way to ensure customer satisfaction.

Can we take one more skill that broadens international students career opportunities? Well it’s none other than

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5. Communication Skills 

This is all too important because you need to know how to reach your large heterogeneous audience effectively. Their needs are diverse and unique to them so possessing excellent communication skills is key to meeting their needs. Similarly, having bilingual and multilingual skills places you at a highly advantageous position in the scheme of things.

Possessing the aforementioned skills is your sure way of becoming the cream of the crop and landing your dream job.

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