Life, as a journey for many students, involves major features such as the study abroad experience. This journey could be incomplete without discovering the purpose of living. Today we’ll talk about some ways international students can fulfil the purpose of their existence. Life makes more meaning living it from this standpoint.

Fortunately, living a life of purpose is neither complicated nor mysterious so here’s what you can do:

  • Become self-aware
  • Be intentional
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Keep improving and developing yourself
  • Determine to be authentic
  • Learn from your mistakes

Let’s find out how international students can fulfil purpose through these, shall we?

1. Become self-aware

The first step towards fulfilling purpose is self-awareness and discovery. In simple terms, it’s you getting to know who you are, what you can and can’t do, etc. Being self-aware helps you know your vision for life. Here are some questions to help you know who you are:

  1. What am I good or bad at? 2. What is the most important thing in my life? 3. What’s my definition of success? 4. What makes me happy and what do I enjoy doing? 5. What things do I value in life? 6. What do I think about myself? Providing the answers to these questions and others will help you know your vision for life and live accordingly.

2. Be intentional

After finding out who you are, what you can do and what value you bring to the table, be intentional. Set specific measurable goals so you can measure your progress consistently. Naturally, you’ll be passionate about the things you’re good at and enjoy doing so drive your passion with purpose. And let your goals serve as the roadmap or compass.

In a similar vein, international students can fulfil purpose by;

3. Stepping out of their comfort zone

Knowing who you are is about the most powerful discovery you’ll make in life. This is because like your fingerprint, you are the only one of your kind. So, become comfortable with being uncomfortable with being ordinary. Set out of your comfort zone and pursue your goals with all fervency and urgency. Choose to do and become all you’re meant to.

4. Improving and developing themselves continually

Suffice it is to say that this journey called life is a learning curve. While it’s important to discover yourself, it is also important to keep improving and developing yourself. You can do this by reading books, attending relevant training, having mentors/coaches, volunteering or apprenticing, etc.

Furthermore, you can live a fulfilled life by

5. Determining to be authentic

It’s easy to follow others because they are more successful and/or more experienced. While it’s OK to learn from others, do not do it at your expense. Sometimes, people may even advice you to chart a different path but remember that you are the only one of your kind. So, determine to be authentic, be the best version of yourself the world will ever see.

6. Learning from your mistakes

Life is a journey, a learning curve remember? So do not despise the mistakes you make along the way. Rather, learn all you can from them because they will serve as the stepping stones for future success.

Without a doubt, when international students begin to fulfil purpose, life makes more meaning and their study experience becomes more enjoyable.

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