6 Ways Universities can Lessen the impact of COVID-19 on Education

With the increasingly alarming rate at which coronavirus has been led to over 4,000 deaths recorded globally by international agencies, one wonders what impact this has on education and more importantly, what universities can do to lessen the impact of COVID-19 on education.

We’re happy to share some ideas on ways universities/colleges can douse fears and handle the situation the best way possible.

1. Make the admissions process flexible

Under the circumstances, some students will decide to change their study abroad plans while others opt for deferring their entry. For this reason, universities will need to take this into consideration and be more flexible than before.

2. Classes should become virtual

Lectures need to go on despite the pandemic. The best way to do that under the circumstances is to make the classes virtual.

3. Universities should reveal proactive measures taken

Some international students are brave enough to still want to study abroad in affected countries. Schools can help douse fears by revealing what measures they’ve taken to ensure students would not get exposed to the virus.

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4. Emphasize on preventive measures

Offering advice on preventive measures for students like vigorous hand washing, mouth cover when sneezing or coughing, etc. is helpful. Maintaining personal hygiene is key.

5. Leverage the learning opportunities

Similarly, colleges can make this a learning opportunity for students. This can be done by creating short documentaries, skits, online classes, etc. The goal is to help students learn more about COVID-19, preventive measures as well as what to do if exposed.

6. Let students know that they are not alone in this

Another way universities can mitigate the COVID-19 impact on international education is by respecting international travel restrictions. Also, special counselling services and hotlines to report possible cases of discrimination should be provided. This way, students will know they’re not alone in this.

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Considering the devastating ripple effects of coronavirus across the globe, all hands must be on deck. All stakeholders must be at the forefront making concerted efforts including universities to mitigate the COVID-19 impact on education. Join the fight, do the bit you can.

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